Minister Shanmugam repeats PAP’s BS about shortage of Singaporean auxiliary police officers

I refer to CNA’s “Taiwanese auxiliary police officers to be deployed at land checkpoints: Shanmugam”.
Singaporeans have been repeatedly told this PAP BS: “There are not enough Singaporean APOs to meet projected demand over the next few years”.   Unbelievably, this has been repeated by Law Minister Shanmugam.
The real reason, as most thinking Singaporeans would have known by now, has always been APO officers are overworked and underpaid.   Try offering a realistic monthly starting pay of $5000 for graduates and there will be overnight queues forming outside Certis Cisco (CC) headquarter.
There appears to be a hidden agenda for PAP to insist on hiring foreigner APOs from Taiwan, and elsewhere.
CC need not go all the way to Taiwan because thousands of Malaysians are more than willing to do the same job at the same pay (breakdown below).

Which Malaysian graduate doesn’t want to earn a monthly pay of about RM 8400 (S$2800) – including bonus but excluding accommodation allowance?
But $2800 a month is of course low for Singaporean graduates after taking into account CPF contribution, overtime hours and our high living costs.
It is only after depressing APO salary that PAP is able to falsely claim the shortage of Singaporean manpower.
Why has PAP been able to depress salaries of APOs?  This is because dominant players – CC and AETOS – are both owned by PAP-controlled Temasek.
Since the PAP-controlled parliament also legislates the use of APO services, PAP therefore controls both the demand and supply of APOs.
(Which idiot doesn’t know that Temasek has again been given another pow chiak business by PAP, keechiu.)
PAP has always been keen on hiring foreigners because this helps to generate government revenue (free money, no need to work one) through levy collection.
Assuming there are 4000 foreigner APOs out of a total strength of 7000, the government collects $2.6 million every month for …. doing nothing.
Another important reason for PAP to prefer foreigners is their rented accommodation helps to support property prices.
To sum up, the 3 reasons for hiring Taiwanese (foreigner) APOs at depressed local wages are:
1 – Lower wages = Lower expenditure for Temasek = Higher profit
2 – To increase government revenue through levy collection, ie more than $20 million in foreigner APO levy annually (billion$ in total levy for all foreign workers)
3 – Support property prices via rental.
Singaporeans not stupid one, OK, Shanmugam, so please stop wasting public resources on all this BS. 🙂
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