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PAP’s permanent secretary = temporary secretary = decadent civil service

Civil servants in Singapore are beholden to the PAP and the civil service is no longer the administrative backbone of the government. The decadent civil service has seen incompetence parachuted into top positions since about 3 decades ago.  Rewarded obscenely for running government … Continue reading

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Will HDB lessees still support PAP in next GE after discovering LKY had lied about gravity-defying HDB flat prices?

LKY was acutely aware that his propaganda machine had worked wonders and he was not wrong – unfortunately – when he labeled Singaporeans “daft”. In 2010, LKY had tried to hoodwink Singaporeans into believing that HDB flat prices will go up … Continue reading

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Military culture at SMRT and LTA must go, worse MRT breakdowns akan datang

By appointing inexperienced Seah Moon Ming as chairman of SMRT, the PAP has continued to court disaster. If CEO Desmond – the sixth Chief of Defence Force, a former 3-star general and SAF scholar – could only worsen chronic MRT issues, … Continue reading

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Minister Shanmugam: Police image easily tarnished by online criticisms, needs minister to defend police SOP

I refer to “Unjustified attacks against the police must be rebutted: Shanmugam”. CNA When a minister has to come to the defence of police procedures, there appears to be more than meets the eye.  Hmm .. or maybe Minister Shanmugam … Continue reading

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2018 polytechnic fees increase – double inflation rate – to help ordinary Singaporeans?

I refer to “Higher tuition fees for students joining polytechnics and ITE in 2018”. CNA Polytechnic tuition fees will be increased from $2700 to $2800, a 3.7% hike. The PAP government has often cited cost increase to justify all sorts … Continue reading

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Minister Heng: After 3 decades of ‘planning’ for ageing population issue, PAP government did not set aside any funds

Finance Minister Heng has told a few half truths to support impending tax hikes. On the issue of ageing population, Heng justified not using a cent of our reserves and claimed: “If we don’t prepare for that, I think we … Continue reading

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Millionairre ministers and MPs should not be paid part-time allowance for town council roles

PAP’s greed is really insatiable. Most Singaporeans are unaware that PAP ministers and MPs have actually paid themselves monthly town council allowances for their part-time roles. But when it comes to improper estate maintenance, none has been held accountable. Town council … Continue reading

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Singaporeans should brace for more pain ahead, more cost increases akan datang

By now, PAP’s incompetence should be clear even to its own supporters. Things are certainly not going according to plan and this has led to a huge shortage of funds. Recall that under its 6.9 million PWP, the population is … Continue reading

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PAP: Failed GLC CEO from Pavilion Energy can help MRT commuters, pay to increase

I refer to “Seah Moon Ming’s decision to quit day job laudable”. ST Hmm … did Seah quit or was he quietly sacked? The PAP government has kept disseminating propaganda in its attempt to skirt the issue of top management … Continue reading

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When the finance minister offers hogwash to perpetually increase reserves, you know something is amiss

I refer to “Reserves help Singapore weather crises and keep economy stable: Heng Swee Keat”. Although the PAP has all along given Singaporeans the impression that reserves have been saved and would be spent to benefit citizens when the time … Continue reading

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