Minister Shanmugam: Police image easily tarnished by online criticisms, needs minister to defend police SOP

I refer to “Unjustified attacks against the police must be rebutted: Shanmugam”. CNA

When a minister has to come to the defence of police procedures, there appears to be more than meets the eye.  Hmm .. or maybe Minister Shanmugam eat finish too free? 😉

Strange thing in PAP-controlled Singapore: million-dollar stat board CEOs/heads are MIA when needed.

It’s not really necessary for Shanmugam to address a simple issue on police SOPs. This should have been the job of Police Commissioner Hoong Wee Teck.

CP Hoong could not have been busier than Shanmugam and his role appears to have been undermined by Shanmugam.

Shanmugam: “In many countries, unjustified attacks on Police have eventually led to the weakening of law enforcement.”

Shanmugam did not provide any statistics to show how online criticisms of police procedures have weakened law enforcement in other countries. In fact, there may likely be no relevant studies to conclusively prove his statement.

The underlying issue with the raid on illegal brothels: SPF had been sleeping on this issue for years.

This has led to brothels sprouting up in forested areas and even HDB estates.  How could this have possibly happened in little red dot paradise if enforcement had not been lax?  Hmm .. what other issues has SPF been fixing?

Why didn’t the police nip the problem in the bud when vice operators took their business into HDB property years ago?

It is the SPF which own self tarnished own reputation and no defence from anyone – including deceased LKY – can salvage SPF’s image.

And what happened to all the grassroots eyes and ears of the government? Didn’t the police receive feedback from them on a situation which has now got out of hand?

Notice that mainstream media engages in subtle propaganda by frequently repeating our men in blue risk their lives to protect citizens?  Seriously, how many die every year discharging their duty in in a very safe country?

Shanmugam should just allow his subordinates to handle online criticisms pertaining to police procedures. Don’t be so sensitive and anyhow blow up the issue. Also, don’t  try to paint the SPF to be so weak that its reputation could be easily tarnished by online criticisms.

Because it is unbelievable. 😉




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One Response to Minister Shanmugam: Police image easily tarnished by online criticisms, needs minister to defend police SOP

  1. Anonymous incognito4 says:

    He really is insufferable isn’t he?
    How about answering the question:
    Have the job of being the partu’s enforcers weakened and distracted the cops from actualky fighting crime?
    How many cops were diverted to investigate Jovalen

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