Vandalism law should not be selectively applied, government double standard

(This post is an email to PM Lee.)

Dear PM Lee

I refer to CNA article, “Activist Jolovan Wham charged with organising public assemblies without a permit”.

Wham, a well-known social worker “was also charged with vandalism for pasting two sheets of A4 paper on an MRT train panel”.

Wham’s ‘crime’.

What is disturbing about Wham’s vandalism charge is the inaction of the police with regard to thousands of other vandalism cases. Examples:
The issue of vandalism has been highlighted to LTA, Minister Shanmugam, SMOS Indranee Rajah (2014) and other government agencies since about 4 years ago. Till today, the SPF sees fit to look the other way.

We’ve come to such a ridiculous situation where CCTVs – costing millions to install – somehow could not see the vandals at work.

And our men in blue are able to put up ‘Crime Alert’ signboards all over the island but somehow again could not see badly-defaced public property?

Aren’t thousands of such cases worse than pasting 2 A4 paper?

Besides the Law Minister and SMOS for Law, the PMO had also been given feedback on 13 June last year.

It is appalling for so many government agencies and MPs to ignore a chronic vandalism issue. And the PMO has no control over such a simple situation? It’s such a disgrace, isn’t

If Wham is convicted of vandalism, then it will only confirm one thing: the law has been selectively applied and therefore double standard. It doesn’t look good on the government.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Phillip Ang


I am not related to Jolovan Wham nor do I know him personally.

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