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Minister Khaw: Government “simply short of cash” to construct proper MRT line but sufficient to give LKY 200% pay increase

I refer to MOT Minister Khaw’s propaganda speech in Today article, “Comparing Singapore’s newest and oldest MRT“. Khaw has again assumed Singaporeans will blindly accept PAP’s propaganda and cooked up some excuses for PAP’s construction of an improper MRT line. … Continue reading

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Very Smart Nation: 5-month-old Tuas West Extension MRT stations in ICU

According to LTA, there are extremely serious issues with the signaling system and 4 MRT stations will not be in operation till Sunday. After Sunday, MRT commuters traveling to Tuas Link will need to alight at Joo Koon and transfer … Continue reading

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SMRT defends itself against “fake news” with half truths, CEO Desmond Kuek more likely fired 50% of night crew

An online post which claims that SMRT had fired its night crew to save costs has been circulating online, originating from Goh Meng Seng’s FB (dated 11 Nov). I have shared the post on social media as well as in … Continue reading

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Minister Shanmugam should not engage in self-insulting propaganda to defend failed MOT Minister Khaw

The rubbish FB post by Law Minister Shanmugam would never have made news in a democratic country. CNA Shan’s intention is obvious: he wants to repair PAP’s tattered image. What boggles the mind is the Law Minister seems to be “eat … Continue reading

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Ministers and top civil servants still overpaid, typical 7 months’ and maximum 13 months’ bonuses must go

The self-rewarding government’s White Paper, “Salaries for a Capable and Committed Government”, has always been a joke at Singaporeans’ expense. This is because PAP ministers’ were subsequently paid only less obscenely under the new pay formula. In the private sector … Continue reading

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SMRT top management caught lying again after train collision, commuters greatly inconvenienced

SMRT has continued to mismanage major disruptions by refusing to announce the actual estimated delay/providing a fake estimate. SMRT’s dishonest culture was already evident almost 2 years ago and this was highlighted in this TOC article: Fake announcements/no announcements during … Continue reading

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Epic screw ups and frequent policy tweaks confirm PAP’s ‘afterthought’ planning

There’s no better word to describe PAP’s planning than Khaw’s “afterthought”. Almost all problems encountered by Singaporeans today have resulted from extremely poor planning by the PAP government decades earlier. To confirm that many PAP plans never existed, look at … Continue reading

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No CPF monies go towards government spending but using our CPF returns OK?

The PAP government should not continue to disseminate CPF half truths to justify the abuse of our CPF retirement savings. PAP has tried to give the impression that our CPF has not been abused by telling CPF members that: “(CPF) … Continue reading

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MOT minister continues to take a swipe at Lau Goh, previous PAP government officials for afterthought culture

Instead of convening a COI to seriously look into MRT systemic issues, Minister Khaw has continued to blame anyone and anything, including former ministers and planners. This makes them look very siah sway. In a very subtle, almost undetectable swipe … Continue reading

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Why Singapore’s MRT disruptions will continue to worsen

Phillip Ang <phillipang63> to zuraidah.ibrah.,, mukul.munish, tracey.furniss, keith.wkchan Hi Zuraida I refer to SCMP article, “How many Singapore MRT bosses does it take to fix a broken culture?“. As a Singaporean, I believe you should know the answer. 😉 … Continue reading

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