PAP betrayed citizens’ trust, rewarded themselves with millions in tax dollars

Propaganda would have us believe that ministerial salaries started to increase only in the 1990s.

Fact: Shortly after independence, daylight robbery had occurred like nobody’s business. Link

To put PAP’s humongous salary increase into perspective, all we need to remember is ministerial salary at independence and the 2 most important figures are:
Minister salary5In 1989 when ministers’ pay increased to $28,644, PAP had already rewarded ministers with a 1145% salary increase since independence. As for the PM whose pay was adjusted to $49,608, the increase was 1417%.

The actual increase was much higher because PAP had recently introduced a performance bonus of “up to two months’ pay” and there was no AWS in 1965.

PAP loves to justify depressed wages of workers with this doomsday scenario: The economy would collapse if wages do not increase in tandem with productivity growth.

But did productivity increase by 1000% since independence to justify more than 1000% increase in ministerial wages in 1989?

4 years after MP Goh became PM, another round of increase kicked in: PM’s monthly pay = $96,000, ministers’ pay = $64,000.

In 29 years – the volunteer PM and his ministers saw their salaries increase by a whopping 2742% and 2560% respectively, excluding bonuses.

Despite ministerial salaries having been reduced and frozen since 2012, the ‘white leeches’ are still way overpaid. This is because the PAP-appointed salary review committee had recommended a typical pay package to include 7-months’ bonus. (WP doesn’t seem to be interested to find out how much PAP ministers are currently paid.  The announcements rosy economic figures are not for nothing, oK.)

Since independence, salaries of PM and ministers have increased by 5238% and 3666% respectively.
There are apparently 2 rules for salary increase: GDP growth for PAP leaders and productivity growth for ordinary citizens.​ 😦

Did overpaid PAP ministers not betray citizens’ trust by drowning themselves in tax dollars?

Any ordinary citizen struck Toto got pay increase similar to PM’s 5238%, keechiu.

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7 Responses to PAP betrayed citizens’ trust, rewarded themselves with millions in tax dollars

  1. Anonymous incognito4 says:

    How do their hig salaries makes is more productive and less corrupt?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      In reality, the opposite has been happening. 😉

      • Anonymous incognito4 says:

        I know but it’s a very seriois question. I’m exicitly asking tbe aristocrats why Singaporeans can’t have high salaries .unless they imply that corruption only exists within the peseants.

  2. Lary says:

    If the opposition comes in victorious. They too will be delighted to receive the same high salaries.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      I don’t think every opposition party is aiming for high salary. Perhaps WP. If it was about money, wouldn’t it be easier to join PAP instead?

  3. Confused says:

    In listed companies, the top executives only get to be paid salaries and good bonuses if they are are to bring value to all the shareholders otherwise they would be grilled in the AGM.

    Our ministers after paying themselves millions and millions $$ of salaries, what real good have they brought to the we, commoners, aka the shareholders of this small red dot?

    So does the notion and practice of paying high salaries to the politicians to prevent corruption is still relevant today? Many many ministers have taken home their millions but what real good have they brought to the people except for knowing how to collect more and more tax monies from Singaporean like never ending stories? If this is the way to manage the nation with such a huge undisclosed national reserves always for rainy days, we don’t need to pay millions, you and I can do it equally well if not better.

    Question: How much and how big a national reserves do we need to build? This cannot be be forever and a figure need to be pegged? A decent reserves of $750 billion at today and @6% would be able to generate $45b every year and lower tax should be collected instead of tax hike. Something just don’t add up?

    I thought it is worthwhile to revert back to lower salary (25% of their current salaries) and deal with whoever chooses to corrupt along the way? After all, politician must be seen as someone having the passion to serve the people and they are not in for the money. In this sense, it saves a lot of tax monies and we do not need to continue to pay more and more tax non-stopping. Furthermore, stop putting those ministers or past presidents who have already earned their many folds of retirement sum to retire and stop living on the tax monies which I do not think they need to?

    What do you think?

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