Talking khawk MOT minister thinks Singaporeans are fools

PAP scholars and ministers are so full of themselves and have always refused to apologise sincerely. One such outstanding minister is (Colombo Plan) scholar and LKY’s former PPS Khaw Boon Wan.

By refusing to offer a sincere apology for LTA’s failure and perpetually doing the ‘twist’, Khaw has made himself into a laughing stock.

Khaw has even resorted to blaming dead PAP leaders for poor planning of the North-South MRT line. When Khaw claimed “we were simply short of cash” and “finance was tight”, he was in fact trying to write his own version of history.

According to his former boss, who may be turning in his gr_ _ _, economic growth actually defied gravity when NSL construction started in 1982.

In his 1984 rally speech (pg 12), LKY said:If Singapore did not have money during “exceptionally good years”, then shouldn’t we have been dead during the first recession in 1985?

LKY even confirmed Singapore had lots of money for government expenditure. Bear in mind that every single cent of our CPF was legislated by PAP as loans to the government.

In 1983, CPF balance stood at more than $19 billion.
$19 billion in CPF – excluding billions in land sales revenue and budget surpluses – but money no enough?

Khaw was grasping at straws when he portrayed Singapore as a desperate for cash nation to explain away our broken MRT system.

Did PAP use our CPF for investment instead of constructing a proper MRT line?

Seriously, Khaw should not talk khawk and assume that Singaporeans are easily fooled.

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1 Response to Talking khawk MOT minister thinks Singaporeans are fools

  1. Gunny says:

    Khaw does think Singaporeans are fools and I am inclined to agree with him.

    The NYC subway has 472 stations on 27 lines. Its over 112 years old and its considered unreliable and failing because trains are delayed by a mere 5 mins due to heavy passenger loads. The commuters and the media in ny kick up a fussy over this. The lines run 24 hours!!! Yet its unheard of for any line to be shutdown for days or weeks.

    The mayor De Blasio is paid a stipend of $225,000 per amnum. No bonus and he gets the flak.

    Singaporeans are indeed fools. Otherwise KBH, LHL and the rest of the elites would not treat them as such.

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