Minister Shanmugam should not engage in self-insulting propaganda to defend failed MOT Minister Khaw

The rubbish FB post by Law Minister Shanmugam would never have made news in a democratic country. CNA

Shan’s intention is obvious: he wants to repair PAP’s tattered image.

What boggles the mind is the Law Minister seems to be “eat finish, too free” and he actually thought public sentiment could be swayed by his subtle propaganda in this age and time! This is not only an insult to Singaporeans but to Shan himself. 🙂

Shan’s FB propaganda:
“They are fed up, despite the overall improvement in transport.”

“When trains get delayed, people feel it acutely, and the overall measurements of disruption free periods mean less to them.”

“He went into MOT in October 2015. Since then there have been significant improvements.”

Firstly, Shan does not commute by train and knows nuts about this issue. If 50 major disruptions this year are considered an “overall improvement”, commuters in other countries must be living in heaven.

Like Khaw, Shan keeps insisting there is overall improvement. If the PAP is not able to acknowledge there is a fire, how is it fighting one? No wonder the MRT system has worsened.

Shan is basically trivializing the issue and telling commuters that we should be looking at the issue in a positive light.

Shan: “Of special note, Minister Khaw has moved to strengthen the engineering teams.”

Does Khaw deserve special mention after a train collision which injured tens of commuters? What about resulting economic losses?

As if Singaporeans were born yesterday, Shan tried to pull a fast one by praising Khaw’s predecessor: ” …building on the good work of his predecessor, Minister Lui Tuck Yew.”

Lui was smarter than most politicians and is enjoying the good life as a diplomat: he knew our broken MRT system was beyond repair.

If Shan was sensitive to commuters’ feelings and respected our views, he would not have posted such propaganda on his FB.

PAP ministers should cease living in the past: LKY’s golden age of propaganda is over.

It is obvious to commuters that Khaw has failed as MOT minister. Engaging in self-insulting propaganda by Shanmugam will not help him or the PAP one bit.

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