Ministers and top civil servants still overpaid, typical 7 months’ and maximum 13 months’ bonuses must go

The self-rewarding government’s White Paper, “Salaries for a Capable and Committed Government”, has always been a joke at Singaporeans’ expense.

This is because PAP ministers’ were subsequently paid only less obscenely under the new pay formula.

In the private sector – salaries of ministers are pegged to the private sector – the pay package is tied to a CEO’s performance. As for our ministers, they continue to receive bonuses despite massive screw ups.
The most obvious case is none other than the MOT minister whose incompetent ministry has greatly inconvenienced commuters and caused tens of million$ in economic losses – for about 1 decade.

Despite this, Minister Khaw will still be entitled to his “National Bonus” which is much more than what average Singaporean workers receive. Khaw will also receive an additional “Performance Bonus”. Pay formula of ministers:

​While the NB is based on a set of verifiable indicators, “Performance Bonus” (PB) isn’t. If commuters have the final say on Khaw’s performance, then his PB would be kosong. But this obviously isn’t happening.

PAP’s non transparency leaves lots of room for Khaw to be rewarded for his “efforts”, never mind screwing up.

Khaw may be even rewarded for his sacrifice, ie volunteered to be in the hottest minister seat.  ​

According to the White Paper (pg 32), a “typical” minister’s salary includes 7 months’ bonus, excluding the 13-month pay.
Image source: yawningbread

Since 2011, nobody knows exactly how much ministers have been paid and it does not help when WP MPs have not followed up on this issue in Parliament.

The new ministerial pay formula allows for up to 6 months’ in PB. Since PAP ministers could pay themselves 19 months’ bonuses in 2008, will the new formula not be abused to offset salary ‘losses’ after the 2011 reduction?

The new formula also provides for a situation where “no AVC, Performance Bonus and National Bonus are paid”. This, of course, is never going to happen as suggesting PAP ministers are inadequate is like … PAP slapping its own face.

Since PAP ties its pay to its performance, similar to the private sector, a non-performing minister (CEO) should be given the boot.   No private sector CEO receives a guaranteed 13-month annual salary for screwing up.


PAP ministers continue to earn a “typical” 7-months’ bonus every year and are still grossly overpaid, only less obscenely than before.

2 years ago, PAP MP Edwin Tong had suggested a review of the framework for political salaries. Isn’t it about time the typical 7 months’/maximum 13-months’ bonus go, along with non-performing ministers like Khaw? 🙂

Should not surprise anyone why ministers have continued to ‘earn’ obscene salaries after you look at the salary review committee members. 😦

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3 Responses to Ministers and top civil servants still overpaid, typical 7 months’ and maximum 13 months’ bonuses must go

  1. Confused says:

    One thing that these bunch of so called “elites” never fail to do well was to think very hard about how to make sure they enjoy good life by paying themselves obscenely high salary and bonuses of all forms no other politicians have paid themselves outside this tiny red dot, legally.

    When the President who is very much less significant towards the management of the nation is being paid an annual salary higher or equal to what the PM is getting? Logic tells me this is not quite right because I can’t imagine these “elites” would so readily accept it without doing something behind? it kind of made them look very stupid for doing more but accepting less? This can’t be in the PAP’s DNA? I maybe wrong and I hope I am wrong.

    We do not need to look too far, take one very recent incident, our new Speaker of Parliament (Paid $0.55m) who was recommended to take up this Speaker’s post by giving up his full (instead of decimated) $million minister’s post? It was later reported that this $0.5m Speaker’s job is only for part-time, he is looking around for a full-time job which I presume has to be pay more than the $0.5m part-time job, it’s only logic, no?

    My next doubt would be?

    Are all the ministers who are holding multiple ministry portfolios are also paid the corresponding multiple full salary in accordance to each of the category? I hope those who has the knowledge can shed light about this?

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Taxpayers had already been fleeced when previous Speakers were paid $1.1 million for doing the same job. Frequently, Parliament is also more than half empty. Speaker’s job very tough??

      • Confused says:

        All board meetings of listed companies and council meetings of MCST has a quorum before it can take place.

        Question is does our parliamentary sittings also required a certain quorum? If yes, how many times it has been unlawfully held, if ever?

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