Epic screw ups and frequent policy tweaks confirm PAP’s ‘afterthought’ planning

There’s no better word to describe PAP’s planning than Khaw’s “afterthought”.

Almost all problems encountered by Singaporeans today have resulted from extremely poor planning by the PAP government decades earlier.

To confirm that many PAP plans never existed, look at the proximity of new train stations and HDB blocks. Before these estates were built, there were no plans to construct MRT/LRT stations at their doorstep: some MRT station entrances are only metres away from flats.To double confirm PAP’s afterthought culture, look no further than the ‘connectivity’ of our EW line and DL3 at Tampines. Is this what we pay million dollars to perm secs and ministers for?
To triple confirm, look at the last-minute construction of public hospitals, ie after population has increased by 1 million. Khaw is damn right about ‘afterthought’ planning by PAP.

Are roads not being widened and new roads being constructed only after the car population has surged? Long-term planning?

Singaporeans should open their eyes and not fear criticising PAP’s shortsightedness.  Other examples:

When HDB estates were built, walkways were so narrow and no allowance was made for widening to cater to other users such as cyclists or an increased population.

It was only after the bicycle/PMD population explosion that our estate planners were forced to carve out pieces of land here and there for a cycling track.
20170707_190629a    20170707_190805a
20170727_185212a ​
Every square foot of space is money to PAP and its use has to be maximized. The downside: no room for expansion.

While not having a small stretch of cycling space matters little, the inability to expand NS/EW line or increase maintenance to cater to an increasing population will have serious consequences. No need to be a scholar to know this.

It will take a miracle for our MRT system – designed for 4 million – to not break down completely as we head towards PAP’s 6.9 million population target and beyond.

PAP’s afterthought culture probably began after ministerial salaries were raised and pegged mostly to GDP growth.  Coupled with the ability to be non transparent and failures covered up as if they did not happen, the top heavy government only looks after elites’ interests, no?

Frequent tweaks to policies alone confirm PAP’s ‘afterthought’ planning. Its long-term planning is merely propaganda and never existed since 3 decades ago. Can anyone name any non ‘afterthought’ planning by PAP?

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4 Responses to Epic screw ups and frequent policy tweaks confirm PAP’s ‘afterthought’ planning

  1. Sinkie says:

    15 Nov 2017 0800hrs — Finally got MRT langgar.

    Wonder if Cow & Quack will do the honourable hara-kiri thing now??

    Heaven seems to be sending a strong message … if those at the top don’t present their own heads as presents … the messages will get stronger!

  2. Jambu says:

    You should look at Downtown line 3 which forces commuters to loop around downtown area for additional travel time of 10 to 15 minutes, intersecting itself.

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