SMRT top management caught lying again after train collision, commuters greatly inconvenienced

SMRT has continued to mismanage major disruptions by refusing to announce the actual estimated delay/providing a fake estimate.

SMRT’s dishonest culture was already evident almost 2 years ago and this was highlighted in this TOC article:
Fake announcements/no announcements during major disruptions must have been approved by top management and if they claim otherwise, they must have been sleeping on the job.

This morning, SMRT lied again by announcing a shorter delay than what it knew wasn’t true. This morning’s timeline of events:

8.18am: A train heading in the direction of Tuas Link station stalled at Joo Koon station.

8.19am: A second train stopped behind the first faulty train. A minute later, the second train “moved forward unexpectedly” and collided with the first train.

8.25am: SMRT advised commuters via Twitter that there will be a 20-minute delay along the East-West Line between Jurong East and Joo Koon stations due to a train fault at Joo Koon station.

Since SMRT clearly knew that track fault was in fact an accident, it should have also known that a major incident will cause a delay of more than 20 minutes; if there were fatalities, the delay could have been 2 hours. (similar to last year’s incident near Pasir Ris MRT station)

SMRT got its priorities all wrong as it was only concerned about its image being tarnished, again. But it shouldn’t have because it has no more reputation to begin with.

Since SMRT had known there was a collision between 2 trains, ie likely injuries or fatalities, the SCDF should have been immediately alerted. But SMRT took its own sweet time: SCDF was alerted 14 minutes after the accident had occurred.


If there were life-threatening injuries, lives could have been lost.  It appears that SMRT’s image is more important than commuters’ lives.

The least SMRT could have done was announce actual estimated delay – in a timely manner – to prevent further inconvenience to commuters. All said, SMRT’s lying culture really must go.

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