PA seeks input on Ho Ching’s wardrobe overhaul


Ho Ching’s belated wardrobe overhaul

The Puppet Association (PA) has received numerous feedback on how shabbily Ho Ching has dressed, especially when accompanying PM Lee on official visits overseas.

All too often, Ho Ching had been mistaken for a tea lady. 😦

This is clearly not acceptable as, Singapore, being a very wealthy country, certainly have the means to present the PM’s spouse in a better light.

The PeeAmO has agreed to an urgent overhaul of Ho Ching’s dated wardrobe and has instructed PA to invite public feedback.

Below are 3 heads of state with their different elegant dressing.  Please indicate your preference for the change you wish to see for Ho Ching, ie tick ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘3’.
Members of the public should submit their feedback not later than 31 November.



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3 Responses to PA seeks input on Ho Ching’s wardrobe overhaul

  1. FL says:

    In my opinion (I hope you don’t mind. I beg to differ), dressing is not so important, as long a person is properly attired. Former India’s leader Mahatma Gandhi dressed simply. The most important point is that a person respresent our SG should be humble and approachable. His/her behaviour and conduct in the eyes of others should be of top priority so as not to cause disgrace to our nation.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Please feel free to comment. Share your opinion on attire. Point to note is humility has always been in very short supply as far as Ho Ching is concerned.;)

  2. Anonymous incognito says:

    Why? We’re not being paid for this advice. Further she’s basically an elderly living in an HDB going tobthe supermarket. She simply has no taste and as usual no one could contradict her aristocratness.
    Very few can compete with Melania

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