Want to resolve MRT issues? Commuters should file class action lawsuit against SMRT

Dear MRT commuters

Our patience was tested again when SMRT CEO, chairman and MOT minister absolved themselves of blame for the MRT tunnel flooding on 7 October.

You should know the real issue has never been addressed since 2012, after the previous CEO was replaced by former paper general Desmond Kuek.

In order to resolve the issue, top management executives – including Kuek and his army buddies – must be given the boot.

It is insufficient to simply increase the number of engineers, set up own self check own self audit teams or introduce other ‘afterthought’ measures because the rot is at the top.

Former engineers probably know what went wrong but will never return to a company with a culture of unaccountability, ie management only penalizing rank and file employees.

Yesterday, another rush-hour disruption caused by software fault inconvenienced tens of thousands of commuters.

This morning (25 Oct), commuters were again inconvenienced during rush hour due to track fault.

​As usual, SMRT/LTA management executives are never at fault. It appears we may have to put up with this forever if nothing is done about it.

As disruptions worsened, not only did SMRT fail to inform commuters in a timely manner, it has even resorted to lying.
In February 2016, SMRT lied.


In August 2017, SMRT lied again.

SMRT tried to cover up the much longer delay – up to 50 minutes – by own self apportioning an additional 30-minute delay to the new signaling project.

SMRT informed frustrated commuters that the delay was only 15 minutes.

Regardless, a delay is a delay and since SMRT had known it was much longer than 15 minutes but informed commuters otherwise, it had lied.​

Last month, SMRT had acted dishonestly again.


Hmm .. is there also a deep-seated cultural issue of lying at SMRT?

Our MRT system has become an international laughing stock. LTA and SMRT could introduce another 1001 new measures to ‘improve’ the system but without removing the rot at the top, commuters should expect major disruptions to increase, akan datang.

The objective of the class action is to seek the removal of all unqualified top management executives and the appointment of only qualified non PAP affiliates.  SMRT should also be transparent and be held accountable if found to have lied.

Is our MRT system designed for the current population? Will it be able to cope with an increased population? Why were unqualified top management executives appointed? How were executives appointed and by whom?

Many questions seeking answers – including why and who appointed Saw Phaik Hwa CEO.

Commuters can rant or KPKB all we want but SMRT top management, MOT minister and top civil servants will continue to enjoy their guaranteed bonuses. Not forgetting PAP elites are not affected by MRT disruptions one bit.

Hopefully some concerned commuters will step forward to help remove the rot at the top.




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2 Responses to Want to resolve MRT issues? Commuters should file class action lawsuit against SMRT

  1. Tan YK says:

    Mr Chew Choon Seng was the chairman that appointed Ms Saw. he was rewarded with appointment as CEO SIA and later Chairman SGX. Also was named 10 most handsome guy bt ST though he looks ordinary

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