Control of CPF members’ money allows PAP to exert control over ordinary citizens’ lives

Singaporeans are able to empower ourselves but most prefer to be enslaved by PAP.

PAP controls the population through control of the media, security forces and state finance (including CPF and land).

One way to break PAP’s control is to become aware of its abuse and do the “right” thing.

Why supposedly well-educated Singaporeans prefer modern day slavery is indeed puzzling. Scrutiny of our CPF scheme and not fearing to question absurd legislations will confirm PAP abuse.

Most Singaporeans feel grateful to the PAP for legislating the 20% CPF employer contribution, wrongly assuming that this has helped us. They fail to understand that with or without this, market rate wages will prevail (example below).
The fact is companies are always willing to pay market rate wages, ie $1200 in employment cost.

PAP is not helping anyone own a HDB 99-year lease because we would have been able to do so, ie disposable income will increase with corresponding drop in employer CPF contribution.

If $1200 is not the market rate wage, exorbitant business costs would have crippled companies eventually. With the 20% employer CPF contribution, PAP gets to control 20% of our wages.

The abuse of CPF is evident when we look at the CPF OA balance: it will continue to increase as far as the eye can see. However, CPF OA earns the lowest pension rate among developed countries. And this is supposed to help us in retirement planning? 😦

Contrary to evidence, PAP has denied that CPF is a cheap source of funds for GIC to invest in risky foreign assets.


If PAP was even serious about retirement adequacy, allocation rates to CPF OA would have been reduced for members to earn higher returns in CPF SA. For example,

As for our CPF MA, it makes no sense for members to set aside a fixed amount every month only to find out that when we are in urgent need, only a very limited amount could be use. See MOH Medisave Uses and Withdrawal Limits

Evidently for those with eyes to see, a large percentage of wages has been legislated as CPF not to benefit members but enable PAP to control our lives.

Singaporeans need to decide if we want to be controlled by PAP, like dogs.

If CPF is our money, then why has every CPF legislation been enacted without consulting CPF members?

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