Silver lining for retrenched SPH journalists, help stop SPH running down our country

Dear retrenched journalists

Things happen for a reason and all is not doom and gloom.

For those of you with a conscience, you must be finally relieved to be free from engaging in propaganda and helping your political master PAP run our country down.

You are presently in a position to help reverse some of the damage caused by state propaganda and at the same time be paid for it. By that, I mean you could write on alternative media sites as P N Balji, Tan Bah Bah and others have done.

Better still, set up another site to prove to SPH that it was a mistake to have expedited the retrenchment to preserve top management pay.

Since you understand how propaganda works, you must also understand its deconstruction. Your alternative media site, which you may want to name ‘The Ass Tee’, will become an instant hit because Singaporeans want to read real news. SPH readership has been declining solely due to the absence of real news.

(Reading propaganda has severe long-term consequences, eg transformation of humans into parrots or increasing Singaporeans’ stupidity.)

Every article on local news is a piece of propaganda for PAP, ie self praise aplenty despite screwing up, deflection of issues, lacking scrutiny, etc. Examples of how propaganda could be deconstructed:

SPH grows net profit 32% in FY17, but will hasten job cuts as media business struggles (11 Oct, Kenneth Lim)

“…(SPH) net profit to a 32 per cent increase in fiscal 2017… will accelerate a previously announced round of job cuts to deal with challenges in its core media business”.

In October 2016, plans were for a 10% reduction in 2 years. Many employees have therefore been shortchanged by the new CEO from NOL who is clearly taking a shortcut to preserve top management remuneration. SPH in no way has addressed the issue of declining media revenue by continuing to publish propaganda.

Senior management is not leading by example or SPH would have announced drastic reduction of top management remuneration to improve morale of employees.

SPH starts retrenching staff (13 Oct, Joanna Seow)
“Union leaders and professional counsellors were present to help the affected workers ..”.
Since all union leaders are PAP-approved individuals and only cares for the bottom line of companies, how could they be helping affected workers?

“Mr Warren Fernandez, editor-in-chief of SPH’s English/Malay/ Tamil Media Group, said it was “a difficult and sad day for all of us in the newsroom”…”None of us wished to see our colleagues having to leave. They have done much good work, and we appreciate all their contributions over the years” .. “I wish we didn’t have to do this, but we had to make some painful decisions. We had to do it to help keep our newsrooms on a sound and sustainable footing going forward.”

Talk is cheap but has Warren accepted any responsibility by agreeing to a pay cut to “keep our newsrooms on a sound and sustainable footing going forward”?

“Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU), which represents SPH workers”. CMPU president David Teo: “Both sides compromised and we got the best of a sad situation. I think it’s a fair package by industry norms.”

In reality, workers in Singapore have no union representation because all unions are controlled by PAP. How can it ever be fair to retrench workers when a company’s bottom line has increased by 32%?

“CMPU and NTUC will hold a career networking event for them on Oct 30”. NTUC’s networking events offers mostly low-paying or 60-hour/week jobs where employees are in direct competition with foreigners. Publish the list of jobs and wages to expose NTUC’s fake workers’ union status.

To keep you busy, there are at least 10 ST articles for you to deconstruct their propaganda everyday and keep your readers happy. 🙂

Before concluding, let me just highlight another instance of bullshit and half-truths of your previous company.

In 2009, SPH announced pay cuts across the board and anyhow claimed that senior management staff would bear the brunt of it. Source

Instead of reducing “30% of their total annual remuneration” of senior management staff, scholar-CEO Alan Chan’s remuneration was unchanged from the previous year, ie between $1.25 mil to $1.499 mil. Hmm … was Chan not a senior management staff?

And how did SPH “prepare for a longer than expected downturn so that we can emerge stronger when the economy recovers”? It immediately increased Alan Chan’s remuneration the following year!

Chan’s remuneration had in fact continued increasing by more than $1 million to almost $3 million before he left SPH less than 2 months ago.

Your retrenchment actually allows you to play a bigger role: teach Singaporeans to think critically.

You won’t need more than a couple of journalists to easily deconstruct every propaganda piece in ST daily. It will make for interesting read, not forgetting earning an income without running our country down. 🙂

I hope you will consider my suggestion and wish you all the best.

Phillip Ang

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