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Singaporeans should allow PAP to pay political price for making racist PE ‘mistake’

The PAP has continued to believe that Singaporeans are daft and amends the Constitution at its whim. Should any democratic country allow a handful of ministers to decide for more than 2.3 million voters on changes to the Constitution? The Singapore of … Continue reading

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Will SPH shares go to hell?

SPH share price has been falling and looks set to continue in the same direction. A monopoly which has performed so dismally warrants investor caution. Slightly more than 2 years ago, SPH shares were trading at about $4.60. Today, SPH … Continue reading

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PAP causing deep division by playing racial and religious card :(

PAP has been compounding self-created mistakes and has now roped in the views of foreigners to endorse its racist EP. While the whole world is mocking us, MSM continues its attempt to hoodwink ignorant citizens and delude themselves, and PAP, … Continue reading

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SPH investors kena been ripped off by management?

A monopoly, running SPH has always been a no brainer. With a PAP-induced, insane rate of population increase as well as businesses forced to advertised on the only print media last century, SPH could dictate any margin of return it … Continue reading

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Ah Kow or Ahmad can be CEO of CPF Board

The CEO of CPF Board is responsible for the huge retirement funding shortfall of CPF members. But till today, no one has been held accountable under PAP’s self-checking government. Current CEO Ng Chee Peng is not paid peanuts and was … Continue reading

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Where is our Swiss standard of living, Lau Goh?

Dear MP Goh I am an ordinary citizen who started working in the 1980s. As the former PM, I recall you had promised Singaporeans a ‘Swiss-standard’ of living but unfortunately have not delivered. It appears that a lot of what … Continue reading

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Should CPF members blindly trust government financial statements?

I am no financial expert and CPF members don’t really have to be one to realise that the CPF is one mother of all Ponzi schemes. Excluding wealthy citizens, the majority of CPF members will be in trouble come retirement. … Continue reading

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Finnish Transport Minister ‘playing piano to a cow’

During an interview with CNA, Finland’s transport minister advised Singapore to “Let private sector lead way in offering innovative transport services“. Minister Ann Berner: ‘..​ government is to provide the legislative environment for there to be level playing field so … Continue reading

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SMRT signaling fault again? Commuters should ‘signal’ to PAP that enough is enough at next election

(SMRT has announced that this is a ‘train fault’ but most faults are related to the testing of its new signaling system.) It should not surprise MRT commuters that there was yet another major disruption – during peak hour – … Continue reading

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PAP serving Singaporeans? Only fools will believe this.

Singaporeans have been repeatedly fooled for decades. PAP is a self-serving party and the appointment of Halimah as President is to serve PAP. Singaporeans are not that stupid. Why are many angry if Halimah is capable of serving us? Bear … Continue reading

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