Shouldn’t PAP also reserve President’s scholarships, top management posts in Singapore Inc for Singaporean Malays?

Do minority races need assistance in meritocratic Singapore? The PAP apparently thought so … but by assisting one Malay to become President.

If Singaporean Malays really require assistance from PAP – most Singaporeans do not believe this bullshit – then PAP should not just stop at selecting the president.

Maybe Malays may need more help. Lots of it.

For one, look at the number of President’s scholars. Every August, 4/5 ecstatic recipients will appear in the MSM but unfortunately, almost all are not our Malay brothers/sisters. 😦 In previous years, there were up to 11 recipients. NAS

Since independence, the PAP has awarded less than 1% of President’s scholarships to Malays.

In 2017, 4 Chinese and a Sikh but no Malay.

Last year, 5 Singaporeans were lucky/unlucky to be photographed with Mr and Mrs KFC at the Istana. All were Chinese.

2015 – All Chinese
2014 – All Chinese
2013 – All Chinese and one Indian

In 2012, when there was a Malay recipient, MSM had to emphasise “Malay student is one of five winners“. **

Isn’t it strange that there was no emphasis on race when the recipient was Indian/Sikh/Chinese? Seriously, the PAP government should not play the race card and insinuate that fellow Singaporean Malays are incapable.

If PAP is so concerned about giving Malay citizens a leg up, more assistance should be extended instead of helping only one person to a $1.54 million post. The bigger picture is Malays (and other minority races) have always been underrepresented in top management in government and government-linked companies. No thanks to PAP policies.

For example, the top position in the civil service is the perm sec and currently, every perm sec is Chinese. Was there ever a Malay perm sec?

(Including PMO)

Since there are only 74% Singaporean Chinese, why did the civil service not employ about 26% other races but only 10%?

In some ministries such as MOE and MINDEF, only Chinese are employed in top management. Singapore bukan China siol. 😉

(PA = personal assistant)

Quite troubling isn’t it? 😦

(If you haven’t noticed, PAP have always claimed to be opposite of what they are.)

Where public educational institutions are concerned, isn’t it a fact that Malays are underrepresented in top management? Isn’t there only a handful of Malay principals/vice principals, HODs, directors, etc appointed by PAP?

And PAP has never appointed any Malay to top defence posts simply because one person did not trust Malays. Did anyone object to the dictator?  Why did MSM not seek the opinion of Muslim countries then but only their endorsement for the reserved PE?

If the PAP did not trust Malays to defend Singapore – our home – how the hell does PAP expect to have loyalty and trust from the same group of citizens it distrusted?

Such a racist mindset has no place in a meritocratic country. How many Malays agree with this, keechiu. Wow almost everyone. 🙂

What about top management of more than 60 statutory boards? Excluding MUIS, why is there KOSONG Malay CEO and probably only a handful of Malays in top management?

Singapore cannot become multicultural or multiracial simply by selecting one Malay citizen as president. This is commonsense.

How many Malay directors on the board of GIC which manages hundreds of billions in our reserves? Hmm … got 2 Indians but how come no Malays?

What about Temasek Holdings? Walau eh … 11 Chinese including PM Lee’s wife, 3 foreigners and again, no Malays.

No Malay citizen managing our reserves but suddenly can appoint a Malay – with no relevant background – to jaga our reserves? Got to be kidding right? 🙂

Can the appointment of one Malay to a $1.54 million position really help the Malay community, enable Singapore to be multiracial and multicultural? Better don’t try to stretch our imagination too much la. 😉

The previous Malay scholarship recipient had received the award some 44 years earlier in 1968. He happened to be the eldest brother of Yacob Ibrahim.

Why did the joker above relate the unverifiable story of his brother at the airport? Does it mean that the entire kampong sending his brother off = Melayu boleh?  Was there a need for Yayacob Ibrahim to play the race card?

Update on 14 Jan 2020:
Coincidentally or otherwise, PAP added a third Malay President’s scholar last year.
In 2018, all recipients were …. Chinese.
2017 – one Sikh recipient.
2016 –  LKY’s race.

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  1. lawrence lee says:

    You cannot make anything fool proof. Because fools are so ingenious

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