CPF members should be very wary of propaganda campaign

CPF Board (CPFB) has been engaged in propaganda through advertisements, online and print. The sole objective is of course to trap more money in GIC via CPFB.

The government is now so desperate that it has started conducting roadshows, spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to achieve its aim.

Isn’t it strange that CPFB has to conduct roadshows to teach members how to put aside more money for retirement after decades of shortfall?
Which country has to perpetually convince working adults to put in ever increasing amounts of money for retirement?

The causes of CPF retirement funding shortfall have always been:
1 – Too much retirement savings used to fund housing consumption.

​2 – The government taking a big cut from CPF investment return to supplement the budget/increase reserves.

This simple issue has a simple solution:
1. Reduce the percentage allocated to housing in order for retirement funds to earn at least 4% in the Special Account.
2. The government stop stealing, albeit legally, CPF investment returns.
3. Increase CPF interest rates. (pegged to a formula designed by the government to pay low rates of return.)

But the PAP has been avoiding and compounding the issue by tweaking CPF legislations, leading us nowhere. 😦

What is the point of telling members to put in more funds when the majority have already fallen short of the minimum sum?

Can members do anything – besides voting out PAP – when PAP has full control of our money and all elected MPs have proven to be either useless or rubber stampers?

How are the majority of CPF members – who have insufficient retirement savings – to give to loved ones?

Are these not attempts to trap more funds in CPFB without addressing the chronic issue of retirement funding shortfall?

cpfshow6 cpfshow7

CPF members should be very wary of all the ongoing propaganda and don’t be fooled into putting more funds into the CPF black hole.

PAP has in place legislations which keep our CPF trapped until we are dead. Bear in mind that all the promised payouts are subject to change at PAP’s whims. 😦

According to a post by Leong Sze Hian, CPF members who don’t opt out at 65 will only receive monthly payouts at 70.  Since there was no prior announcement, this clearly shows how sneaky PAP is.

What if payout gets delayed to 75 or 80?

When PAP ignores the simple solution, doesn’t commonsense tell us that something is terribly amiss with the management of our CPF savings?

Think very carefully, discuss with friends and read up on social media to have an idea of what’s really happening to our CPF. Don’t fall into PAP’s trap. Again. 🙂

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2 Responses to CPF members should be very wary of propaganda campaign

  1. Anonymous incognito says:

    In sim the govt is structurally causing a liquidity crisis. This further aggravated by the ultra extreme stinginess to spend on social spending. Fone the govt is terrified of eelfarism. Fine then stop vaccuming so much money and let us take care of our own welfare.
    The problem with cpf was that it was never about retirement but getting a cheap source of loans to fuel the infrastructure development It worked in the early years but the govt by the 97 crisis should’ve spent on social programs if only to compensate for those leftt behind

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Abuse of CPF – meant for members’ retirement – benefitted PAP elites and they have been taking this shortcut to generate fake economic growth. High housing prices create illusion of prosperity which in turn attract wealthy foreigners. But unsupported by productivity growth, PAP house of cards will collapse.

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