DPM Teo still trying to defend racist PE with hogwash

The undemocratic racist PE is indefensible. Period.

But of course the PAP could do no wrong and continues to do all it can to hoodwink gullible citizens. After DPM Tharman, we are now hearing more racist PE hogwash from DPM Teo:

According to this former navy chief who has not worked a single day in the private sector, PAP has to resort to introducing a racist PE because:

If society has to embrace racism to maintain racial harmony, then this sort of harmony isn’t worth maintaining.

Without any evidence, Teo also made more ridiculous claims such as Halimah being a “strong unifying figure” and that “all communities have supported her nomination”. Since there was no election to determine Halimah’s level of support, Teo should not engage in speculation. To date, I have not come across anyone who is willing to accept her as our President.

Although Teo has “urged Singaporeans from all communities to give their support” to 16-year PAP MP Halimah, this is unlikely to happen.

The fact is,  no other issue has divided society as much as the racist PE since our independence.

Teo appears to be living in the last century when propaganda worked wonders for PAP. Hope to hear more self-insulting hogwash from other ministers soon. 🙂

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