Do not be fooled by DPM Tharman, do not trust PAP anymore

Many Singaporeans seem impressed by DPM Tharman. Not me.

Tharman may be very intelligent and probably the best PAP can offer. But at the end of the day, he belongs to an elitist party hell bent on screwing ordinary Singaporeans.

PAP stands for minimal transparency and accountability, relying on propaganda to ‘serve’ the people. Everyone inducted into PAP is on the same page, including Tharman.

Where minimal transparency is concerned, Tharman has already shown his true colours in 2009: TOC

A matter of great public interest is the secrecy of GIC in its management of $345 billion in CPF members’ savings. As DPM and GIC director, Tharman is in a position to assuage CPF members’ concerns with regard to massive investment losses. But Tharman has never raised the issue of transparency since joining PAP 16 years ago.

During the famiLEE saga, Tharman did not address the issue of allegations of power abuse by PM Lee’s siblings. Instead, he went on to tell Singaporeans some cock and bull story about LKY’s opaque and unaccountable governance and sang ministerial committee praises.

Didn’t an intelligent person like Tharman know that PM Lee should defend himself in open court? Instead, he chose to remain silent and asked the public to have confidence in his PAP government.

Can such a person be trusted?

On the reserved/racist PE, Tharman reiterated the same PAP-invented reasons to justify an undemocratic act. Although Tharman hinted that he did not agree with the racist PE, he could have offered his views more than a year ago in early 2016. Tharman had no opinion until post racist PE. 😦

Tharman has also tried to use his popularity and good guy image to sway voters with increasingly negative outlook of his party: “I don’t think Singaporeans are fools. I don’t think they’re fools at all. And even when they read the mainstream media, they don’t read it blindly.”

Unless Tharman is naive, he must have known this to be another half truth. If most Singaporeans are not fools, why did the vote to be screwed? Why vote for PAP knowing full well that the freebies given before every election will be taken back – with interest – post election?

Where reading the mainstream media is concerned, most who continue to subscribe to propaganda DO read blindly. These are the same propaganda-loving conformist readers who lack critical thinking.

In conclusion, Singaporeans must be wary of every PAP member. Tharman may be the best among his incompetent team mates, but he is all for minimal transparency and accountability.

If Tharman is serious about his disagreement with the tactics used by PAP, like Inderjit Singh, he could make his views heard by first leaving his party.

It is meaningless for Tharman to speak up only after the horse has bolted. In fact, such a person is known as one who talk cock, sing song.

Knowing what PAP stands for, Singaporeans should not trust any of its members. Be smart and don’t be fooled by Tharman.

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