Failure MOT Minister Khaw turns himself into a joke again, appeals to gods to bless MRT system

Our MRT system will continue to fail commuters and what is needed is a revamp.

The inept management of LTA, SMRT, MOT – especially MOT Minister Khaw – need to go.

Hara Kiri Khaw is known for blaming others to deflect blame and has frequently turned himself into a joke.

Years ago when Khaw was MOH Minister, Singaporeans already recognized this $2 million dollar joker:
And his jokes continue till today.

Using PAP-controlled MSM to further his joker cause, Khaw saw fit to invite PAP controlled Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) to bless the new Downtown Line 3 ahead of its Oct 21 launch yesterday.

A self professed Buddhist, Khaw has chosen to ignore a fundamental teaching of Buddhism, ie cause and effect. The cause of breakdowns is primarily due to PAP’s population policy and subsequently the lack of proper maintenance.

Without addressing the cause, the effects will persist. No need for rocket scientist to understand something any idiot can easily comprehend right?

Appealing to the gods isn’t Khaw’s first attempt at deflecting blame. Perhaps this may already be in LTA’s SOP as Khaw should know by now that no medicine can help without addressing the cause.

Four months earlier, a desperate Khaw had also sought help from the same gods to do the job of SMRT and LTA. link

But the gods seemed angry with Khaw for engaging in propaganda to fool commuters and this is what happened to our MRT system the following month:
As history is likely to repeat itself – especially where Khaw’s big mouth is concerned – commuters should brace ourselves for a series of unprecedented breakdowns sometime in October, latest in or November. 🙂

Don’t say Khaw did not sound any warning OK?


Hmm … did Khaw pray for this?


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