Singaporeans should allow PAP to pay political price for making racist PE ‘mistake’

The PAP has continued to believe that Singaporeans are daft and amends the Constitution at its whim.

Should any democratic country allow a handful of ministers to decide for more than 2.3 million voters on changes to the Constitution?

The Singapore of today is no longer one which the government can suka suka “never mind what the people think”. This was possible under LKY’s dictatorship but he is dead. LKY’s nonsensical “we decide what is right” democracy has gone with him to his grave.

By robbing Singaporeans of the chance to vote, PAP has in fact allowed itself to be mocked by other democratic countries.

Minister with kosong portfolio Chan Chun Sing has acknowledged this to be an honest mistake but boldly proclaimed that PAP “is prepared to” pay a political price at an IPS forum on the racist PE.

Chan had earlier insulted forum attendees by asking them to keechiu if they thought PAP would have to pay a political price. Many did and Chan proceeded with more insults by asking them why did PAP – all good politicians – decide to own self amend the Constitution.

Chan talked so much cock at the forum that many attendees must have felt like puking. Unless they are idiots. 😉

Are Singaporeans idiots? I believe most have had enough of this arrogant Minister Kee Chiu.

Singaporeans should allow PAP and Keechiu Chan to pay a political price in order to learn a lesson they will never forget.

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1 Response to Singaporeans should allow PAP to pay political price for making racist PE ‘mistake’

  1. linkin says:

    please write more. we need to discuss important political issues affecting our lives and can’t ignore our present situation anymore.

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