PAP serving Singaporeans? Only fools will believe this.

Singaporeans have been repeatedly fooled for decades.

PAP is a self-serving party and the appointment of Halimah as President is to serve PAP. Singaporeans are not that stupid. Why are many angry if Halimah is capable of serving us? Bear in mind that Halimah does not have finance/investment background to understand what’s happening in Temasek and GIC which manage hundreds of billions of our reserves and CPF.

The entire process leading up to her crowning took years and everything was done behind behind our back. How was PAP serving us when they had already decided the racist EP would proceed without even consulting citizens?

The only way to ascertain the truth is for PAP to disclose minutes of all meetings leading up to the PE. Of course this will never happen because it will only confirm their real intention of amending the Constitution.

There are numerous unanswered questions:
Who first floated the issue of the need to have a minority president? When? Who were involved? Why was the Malay community not consulted? Etc.

If PAP had been upfront, questions would have been raised by the public with follow up debates on the racist EP in Parliament.

There are very serious ramifications in selecting a presidential candidate not entirely based on merit. This could have been avoided

If Singaporeans even think a little about issues concerning us, not just the racist EP, they would have known PAP is not a party that can be trusted.

In fact, many issues could have been avoided if only PAP was honest in dealing with the people.

The question which every Singaporean should ask ourselves:
​Singaporeans should think about this and don’t be fooled again.

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