PAP ridicules itself, attempts to mask demotion of ‘effective’ minister

MSF Minister Tan Chuan Jin will soon be forced to quit his post in order to become Speaker of Parliament.

Tan’s new role carries less responsibilities and his pay will be cut. However, his annual income loss – not peanuts – amounts to $550,000 or a hefty 50%.  This is clearly a demotion and slap in Tan’s face.

Taking Singaporeans for suckers, PMO minister with zero portfolio Chan Chun Sing attempts to hoodwink with self-insulting statements on Tan’s demotion.
If it is a “very important position”, why doesn’t Chan volunteer for it since he is basically a jiak liow bee minister in the PMO?

Success as defined under the PAP system boils down to dollars and cents. And so Tan’s demotion will be fodder for gossip of ministers’ wives. Perhaps even senior servants’ such as perm secs who earn million-dollar salaries.

The reality is there will be a huge loss of face for Tan. And one doesn’t need confirmation from PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak.

Chan: “We need somebody with the stature, who is open-minded, who is fair, balanced, and can command the respect of all parliamentarians. From what I know of Chuan-Jin personally, I think he will do a good job in this aspect.”

Is Chan implying that he and all other PAP MPs do not have the stature, not open-minded, unfair and unbalanced?  Only one bloody single PAP minister qualified to be  Speaker?

Taking citizens for idiots, Chan’s boss, PM Lee came to his suppport the following day and described Tan as an “effective” minister.

If someone is really effective in his job, you don’t go replacing him in another role and halve his salary. The PAP has again not been upfront with taxayers on Tan’s demotion.

What about the 2 Deputy Speakers who were appointed in January last year? Doesn’t Charles Chong command the respect of most PAP MPs? Is Lim Biow Chuan seen as unfair or is he too busy in his day job to serve Singaporeans in this “very important position”?

Tan has clearly been demoted and there’s no point to argue against common sense. If not, contragulatory messages would have poured in from friends, civil servants and even Mr and Mrs Pors from Tan’s grassroots. There is none.

Will someone soon pass a snide remark like Tan earning less than a peanut?

A demotion is a …. demotion. Any attempt to redefine this will prove to be a self-ridiculing exercise. And more tax dollars going down the drain.

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2 Responses to PAP ridicules itself, attempts to mask demotion of ‘effective’ minister

  1. Anonymous incognitindignity o says:

    Ok why was he demoted in the first place?
    In other commonwealth countries the speaker is an important job but that’s Because the person has to be voted by all parties.

  2. Confused says:

    Too bad, in SG, it takes just only 1 party.

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