Reserved/racist EP is to ensure PAP’s survival, has no choice

The fall of PAP has been underway for some time and this can be confirmed by its need to amend the Constitution.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 😦

Although a racist EP threatens national unity and racial harmony, for its survival sake, PAP really has no choice.

Should a PAP-unfriendly candidate be elected president and demands proper disclosure of more than $500 billion in investments using our CPF and reserves, all hell will break loose for PAP.

Why would any government conceal material information which belongs in the public domain – for decades? To protect citizens whom the PAP must have assumed are idiots, incapable of understanding Investment 101?

The racist EP allows PAP to protect PAP elites who are totally dependent on taxpayers for their survival. Should PAP go, thousands of er… leeches will not survive another day.

Till today, Temasek has made numerous ridiculous return claims unsupported by proper disclosure.
Were state assets transferred at lelong prices for Temasek to subsequently claim a high rate of return after divestment/unrealised profits?

Over decades, there are thousands of unanswered questions. 😦 Nothing wrong at all with the management of our CPF and reserves? Really?

PAP has been forced to take its biggest gamble by amending the Constitution: It’s now double or quits.

Without the racist EP, is there any alternative to ‘elect’ a PAP-friendly president who is willing to remain silent on the management of CPF monies and state reserves?

With proper disclosure of investments by GIC and Temasek, will PAP survive another day?

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3 Responses to Reserved/racist EP is to ensure PAP’s survival, has no choice

  1. Anonymous incognitindignity o says:

    I shrug my shoulders. The party’s constant interference in every aspect of life will exhausting and cause it’s downfall because they’ll miss an important issue that’ll finally cause the whole sandcastle to fall.
    Singapore faces so many challenges but those ate unimportant

    • Phillip Ang says:

      PAP has never run our country in a proper manner. Too much energy spent on keeping themselves in power and plundering our country.
      Singaporeans recently have a clearer picture of what they have been doing behind the scenes after the 38 Oxley Road saga and PM Lee own self clearing own self in Parliament.
      A lot of public resources must have been abused to amend the Constitution to ensure a PAP-friendly president is elected. This has resulted in the Speaker’s seat being vacated but what’s worse; a minister has to resign to fill her seat. Alll these unnecessary changes consume too much public resources.
      What about the appointment of SPH’s former CEO as Chairman of LTA? How is he contributing to our public transport system when he failed as CEO of SPH?
      You could of course think of numerous other instances.

  2. Anonymous incognitindignity o says:

    Agreed. Singapore is 30% overpriced compared to other countries in the region. How much do Songaporen pay for paper shufflers, hanger ons seat warmers and file organizer?
    Frankly Singapore would be a lot richer with Singaporeans paying for these cronies

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