PM Lee anyhow praise Tony Tan although majority of citizens feel he was a jiak liow bee President


Two very important roles and responsibilities of the President of Singapore:
– Safeguard our reserves.
– Protect the integrity of the Public Service.

During his entire 6-year term in office, not a whisper was heard from Tony Tan with regard to how our past reserves had been used by the PAP government.

Although Tony’s predecessor Nathan was also sleeping on the job, at least he informed stakeholders that our reserves had been used 27 times since 2002. Despite giving the wrong answer, at least Nathan said something.

When Lee Hisen Yang accused the government of power abuse at the highest level, there was still no sound, no shadow from Tony.  Hmm … how was Tony protecting the integrity of the Public Service by his failure to speak up?

Tony wasn’t some lowly-paid jaga but earned about 5000 tax dollars per day. A public servant who earns such obscene pay but never discharges his duties is termed ‘jiak liow bee’ by Singaporeans.

It therefore comes as a shock to hear our aristocrat PM Lee pouring praises on Tony instead. CNA
PM Lee on Tony Tan:
“worked tirelessly to fulfil his responsibilities”
“bringing Singaporeans closer together”
“being the custodian of Singapore’s reserves”
“upholding the integrity of the public service”
“enhancing relations with other countries”.

Unfortunately, PM Lee is no longer able to throw smoke at thinking Singaporeans who are aware that all of the above are merely propaganda. 🙂

PM Lee also called Tony a “unifying figure” and a “steady, experienced hand”. But exactly what was united by Tony remains a mystery and has puzzled Singaporeans.

Did Tony bring Singaporeans closer together by posting stuff on FB? Why didn’t the so called “steady, experienced hand” prevent the billion-dollar loss in a single investment in UBS when he was chairman of GIC?

As if Singaporeans really believed in PM Lee’s BS, he continued: “Fortunately, you were elected and Singapore has benefitted greatly from your calm and dignified presence, wealth of knowledge, and steady judgment”.

Among all the presidents, Tony is likely to be the most unpopular one. I mean, would any president refer to an Olympic win through no bloody effort of his or his former PAP party as a highlight of his presidency? 😦

Tony was never popular to begin with: 64.8% of voters did not support him. If state machinery hadn’t come to Tony’s rescue, he would have certainly lost to Tan Cheng Bock.

PM Lee’s view of a former PAP elite is definitely not in sync with ordinary citizens’ who – mostly – never had any respect for our …. KFC President. 🙂

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1 Response to PM Lee anyhow praise Tony Tan although majority of citizens feel he was a jiak liow bee President

  1. Jiak liao bee tony tan says:

    Jiak liao bee’s steady hands handed over tens of billions of singapore taxpayers’ monies to the ill fated UBS and citigroup , don’t we all remember? He then double down and threw more of our good money after his bad move, but yet he still has the audacity to face the people??? Shameless indeed. He will pay for his sons double down. This is a God in heaven.

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