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Singaporeans love our country = Allow PAP to dig Singapore’s grave?

The majority of Singaporeans should not continue to delude themselves: they do not love Singapore. Most Singaporeans are too apathetic or fearful and as a result, they have allowed PAP to run amok with greed. Since decades ago, probably after … Continue reading

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Temasek’s return on Snap investment unknown

There have been speculations on Temasek making a profit/loss on its Snap investment, with many quoting figures from an FT report. The fact is, this cannot be confirmed because material information is missing. The quoted figures are : – 300,000 … Continue reading

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MP Lau Goh praises himself and PAP at National Day Dinner for his constituency

It should be evident to thinking Singaporeans that the PAP mindset is stuck in the 20th century when former PM and current MP Goh Chok Tong continues to engage in propaganda. MP Lau Goh was speaking at a National Day … Continue reading

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CPF investment risks have multiplied, better for PAP to return our CPF

A few years ago, CPF fund manager, GIC, had already acknowledged global asset prices were overinflated. Yet, the government has been channeling additional billions in CPF into GIC. GIC expected market downturn years ago GIC had actually been anticipating a … Continue reading

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Minister Lawrence Wong talking cock again, still thinks Singaporeans were born yesterday

I refer to ST article, “Major infrastructure projects over next decade will put Singapore economy on stronger footing: Lawrence Wong”. Someone should let Wong know that Singaporeans are not dumbasses and the days when propaganda worked wonders are over. To … Continue reading

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Majority of Singaporeans unlikely to sacrifice for Singapore Inc

When Singaporeans say we love our country, most are actually kidding. Go ask wealthy foreigners who recently became new citizens whether they will die for Singapore or pack up and leave and you will know what I mean. Even our … Continue reading

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Did LKY say he wanted to be a dictator before our independence?

In 1960, LKY was reported to have said this in a radio interview: Can anyone govern without consulting the people and still be serving? Is PAP governing effectively by amending the Constitution to allow a racist PE? Or locking up our … Continue reading

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GIC masks its poor rate of return from CPF members by reporting in US$

GIC has been engaging in propaganda to ‘boost’ its performance, eg disclosing irrelevant information to mask its poor returns. Since GIC invests in only foreign assets which carry high forex and political risks, one would have expected a higher rate … Continue reading

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HDB lessees who still think they are flat owners should consider psychiatric treatment

Dear HDB lessees who still think you are flat owners Many of you have been struggling to come to terms with your non-ownership status and the easiest ‘solution’ is to reject the unpleasant reality. But by your continued delusion, how … Continue reading

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Singaporeans should start to help ourselves, don’t just hope for a miracle

PAP been enacting all sorts of nonsensical legislations to cow us into silence. There also appears to be a double standard in our law which favours a political party. PAP has made a mockery of the law by controlling the … Continue reading

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