PAP population policy failure cheapens Singapore PR to a piece of tissue :(

PAP’s population policy has failed. It has again tried to mask its failure by concealing material information and engaging in propaganda.

It should be obvious that the Singapore PR is now like a piece of tissue – to be used and discarded. A look at their numbers (rounded off to nearest thousand) confirms this.

Since PM Lee’s rule in 2004, PRs increased by 169,000 from 356,000 to 525,000 in 2016.

The ‘natural aristocrat’ had also decided to celebrate by making some 556,000 foreign subjects** PRs in his land.

The net increase was not 556,000 because about 90% of the 229,000 new citizens came from the stock of PRs.

PR net increase since 2004 should have been about 350,000 (556,000 – 206,000).

However, this is not the case. There is a huge discrepancy of 182,000 and this means only one thing: they have left Singapore permanently.

Since 2004, an annual average of 14,000 foreigners have given up their permanent residency status. Questions:
Is this not conclusive evidence of our failed population policy?
How many billions in tax dollar grants and subsidies have been dished out by the PAP to PRs?
How many billions more in tax dollars must go down the drain before the PAP acknowledges its population policy failure?

PAP has also been telling a half truth when it repeatedly said “PRs have a long-term stake in Singapore with intent to sink roots here”. But with 20% of PRs having left for greener pastures since 2004, PAP must be assuming citizens are idiots.

Anyone heard of any country with 20% of PRs giving up their residency status like a piece of used tissue?


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2 Responses to PAP population policy failure cheapens Singapore PR to a piece of tissue :(

  1. Anonymous incognito says:

    one of the reasons for not sinking roots is the oppressive politics and the serious lack of opportunities. Deep down the party has an animus towards those that elect them.
    The aristocrats are affronted that the Deplorables didn’t invest in themselves etc.
    So It’s really their fault that the population policies have failed. Proof that Singapore needs much more variety in parliament and a new govt

  2. william says:

    they came with their kids, get pr, then the kids study from primary school to sec 2 or 3, having learnt english, they quickly migrate to america to evade ns for their kids.
    some indians get jobs here, get pr, then made sure they give birth to their male kids in india, buy resale hdb, then after 10 years, having made enough (usually jobs that pay above $5k per month) they sell their hdb, quit their pr to get back the cpf, and fark off back to their 3rd world slums and live like kings and queens. laughing behind the backs of mfs sgs. ns for sg suckers.

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