Government reduced headcount misleading

The PAP should disclose the actual, instead of a reduced, government headcount, ie everyone earning tax dollars should be considered as government employees.

According to government latest figures, it has about only 139,000 employees.

A headcount breakdown by ministry shows there are only 282 employees under ‘Defence’, which is allocated the highest budget of $13.6 billion. How is this possible when Mindef employs thousands of regulars?

What is even more strange: defence headcount was already low at 1525 but decreased by almost 1000 to currently 282. (link) Seriously, only 282 persons directly employed by the government to defend our country? Or some funny accounting somewhere?

Under the Health Ministry, the revised employee figure was only 1542 in 2016.  This is due to corporatization where thousands of nurses, doctors, admin staff, etc working in public hospitals and polyclinics are transferred to PAP-created healthcare clusters.  (This allows executive remuneration – of PAP elites – to be pegged to the private sector while other employees such as nurses compete with their foreign colleagues for lower wages.)

Strangely, the Education Ministry declared its actual headcount of 62,351 in 2016.

It’s understandable for MHA’s headcount to be lower because some of the previous functions of SPF have been outsourced to Certis Cisco and AETOS, both subsidiaries of Temasek Holdings. (left to right pocket??)

Since it is unlikely that defence was outsourced or corporatized, the PAP would perhaps need to explain to the Singapore laymen how Singapore is defended by 282 defence personnel.

The MSM never failed to report the government, which employs about 140,000, as the biggest employer in Singapore.   In reality, an additional tens of thousands should have been included.

Perhaps the government has tried to conceal the fact that the public service is bloated and unproductive? If additional tens of thousands such as army regulars are included, public servants may comprise 10% of the resident workforce.

There is no reason for the government to disclose a reduced headcount. This is clearly misleading. 😦

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1 Response to Government reduced headcount misleading

  1. Sinkie says:

    Actual total staffing being paid taxpayer dollars should be around 300,000.

    This includes all the stat boards & corporatized organisations owned by Ministries, Organs of State, & Temasek, etc. E.g. Cisco, public hospitals, polyclinics, polytechnics, universities, R&D organisations, Utilities companies, etc.

    There are many many so-called “companies” in S’pore receiving tax monies ranging from 100% to 20% of their annual budgets. These monies are disbursed thru MOF, to the respective Ministries, and then thru various stat boards, agencies, sub-companies, etc.

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