Ownership of HDB flats a lie, HDB is the lessor and buyers are only lessees

It’s about time HDB lessees wake up to our nightmare: we do not own our flats.

From online discourse, it is evident that there is some confusion and most flat buyers are still in denial.

The issue is not one of returning our flats to HDB after the 99-year lease, similar to private property, but rather one of having NO OWNERSHIP RIGHTS.

An owner of a HDB flat should have some say in the property, eg management, upgrading, etc. But every decision pertaining to ‘our’ asset is made by HDB.

If we are owners, why can’t we collectively initiate SERS? Why are all major decisions made by HDB?

Nicholas Mak, SLP International executive director and head of research and consultancy highlighted this interesting case which happened some 20 years ago:
Full article @ edgeprop.sg

So long as HDB flats are not privatized, they belong to HDB and not flat buyers.

This begs the question: Why do buyers of HDB flats need to pay property tax?

HDB lessees who die-die still cannot believe they are not owners should approach their respective MPs and demand proof of ownership. They could also write to MND Minister Lawrence Wong or even HDB CEO.

But be prepared for a heart attack. If the government doesn’t lie, you will be informed that HDB has always been the lessor/owner of all HDB flats.

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1 Response to Ownership of HDB flats a lie, HDB is the lessor and buyers are only lessees

  1. Sinkie says:

    HDB buyers DON’T have a title deed / strata-title deed.

    If you check the actual title deed lodged in the S’pore Land Authority for the land parcel that your HDB block / neighbourhood sits on, you will see that the actual owner is HDB.

    What you have is merely a Lease Agreement to the apartment (pigeon hole in the sky), and this is also recorded as such in SLA.

    Example: https://www.sla.gov.sg/INLIS/samplePDF/HDBLS.pdf

    The above is an actual HDB “Title” lodged in SLA — which clearly states HDB as Lessor & the buyer as Lessee.

    SLA is under Ministry of Law, and the above documents are legal & recognized by S’pore Courts.

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