NDR 2017: Papa’s boy now IT sales executive giving lecture on diabetes?

The annual National Day Rally speech has been meaningless for some time. If it’s meant to be a joke, might as well bring forward to 1 April.

There are too many chronic issues which need urgent solutions. Unfortunately, PAP is too ‘pai seh’ to mention them and has no choice but to turn NDR into a comedy of sorts.

On 3 and 4 July, we heard from PM Lee that he did not need to be associated with anything LKY to bolster his political standing.  Hmm … is it a coincidence for PM Lee to again invoke his papa’s name during his speech:
Doesn’t this confirm the “continued existence [of LKY’s house] enhances my aura as PM”? mothership
I mean, it has been almost 2 1/2 years since LKY died but PM Lee has to praise and rely on his father to fight diabetes?

If the PAP were serious about tackling diabetes, then it’s about time we do away with a ‘shopping mall’ economy?  (Shop/entertainment followed by unhealthy food the norm.)

PM Lee also seized the opportunity for some self praise: “Since the Little India riot, Singapore has made progress building an integrated national sensor network“.

However, he also admitted SPF’s incompetence but put the blame on having “too few CCTV cameras monitoring Little India at the time of the riot in December 2013”. The fact is, PAP has been cutting corners by cutting costs: SPF had a very serious manpower shortage issue, according to its own former police chief, Ng Joo Hee.
Hmm … did PM Lee just tell another half truth?

In pushing for more CCTVs to be installed, PM Lee cited Boston police’s ability to identify the bombers within 3 days because they had “a huge amount of data from CCTVs, social media and license plate readers.” And they probably had sufficient manpower to comb through the data, no?

While technology will definitely help, will we have sufficient manpower if, say, 100,000 CCTVs are installed? From how government-linked companies like SMRT cut down on manpower, this appears to be unlikely.

In March this year, a 43-year old man was killed after he fell onto the tracks at Fajar LRT station. He was run over by – not 1 but – 2 trains. According to SMRT, there was only 1 staff at the Woodlands OCC “monitoring 46 CCTV feeds on 22 screens”. CNA
(Point to note is there is only a handful of SMRT employees manning a control station during every major disruption. Why has SMRT been allowed to cut manpower cost despite the government knowing it will not be able to cope during any major disruption?)

PM Lee also highlighted other issues which confirm the government’s shortsightedness in planning, such as the lack of pre-school spaces, Singapore being way behind other countries in embracing IT, etc.

The takeaway from the NDR speech: Throw more tax dollars at solutions and force Singaporeans to embrace IT. This is indeed a national embarrassment.

PM Lee seriously needs to prove that he is no longer papa’s boy. There were more pressing issues which he should not have avoided. 😦

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