Singaporeans should start to help ourselves, don’t just hope for a miracle

PAP been enacting all sorts of nonsensical legislations to cow us into silence. There also appears to be a double standard in our law which favours a political party.

PAP has made a mockery of the law by controlling the Law Society for decades. Worse, hundreds of victims of travesty of justice have been suffering in silence for decades and many have died.

While lawyers may be speaking ill of PAP in private, 99% of lawyers here basically cowards afraid to engage PAP by putting their money where their mouths are.

Justice must be seen to be done but this is clearly not happening whenever PAP or their kakis are involved. 😦

The collective inaction of those in the legal profession has emboldened PAP to tweak legislations, thereby giving them more power. This vicious circle needs to be broken but with such a disgraceful legal profession, it will take a miracle. 😦

It therefore comes as a surprise that Tean Lim, a lawyer, has spoken up. It is obviously not an easy decision to speak truth to power and Tean really deserves our support.

Tean’s “Defamation 101” video project will help Singaporeans find our voices and I have decided to do my part, together with my brother and a few friends, with a small contribution.

I know there are many Singaporeans who want change but are reluctant to give their time or contribute even a few dollars. They should rethink their inaction.

Just attending rallies or listening to online videos of concerned citizens speaking up isn’t going to effect any change. Why should PAP own self change own self when it has all the power not to do so? Since when did emperors, kings or dictators wielding absolute power concede to improve the lives of downtrodden citizens?

Huge personal sacrifices have been made by those who speak up to make our country a better place for us and our children. Let’s begin to help ourselves by helping them and stop hoping for a miracle. πŸ™‚

We could also donate to social media sites like TOC, TRE, etc. Or even contribute to rally organisers at Hong Lim Park.

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