LKY unfit to be a leader, Singaporeans fooled till today

Lee Kuan Yew was an extremely cunning person. He was never in politics to serve the people but impose his views and amass power.

We are able to deduce this from his quotes and confirm by his actions, but whether Singaporeans will continue to delude themselves – after 50 years of propaganda – is another matter.

1. Shortly after our independence, Singaporeans were already considered “gullible fools” by LKY.

2. LKY even equated governing a country to training dogs.

3. And he firmly believed that a leader should use ‘force’ and ‘threats’ to get the people to obey him.

4. Singaporeans who highlighted flaws in PAP’s housing policies were considered stupid.

​5. To LKY, having good GCE O-Level results automatically made the person a better politician.

6. LKY used fear to control Singaporeans and his leadership was meaningless if nobody feared him.

7. He felt there was no need to consult the people …

8. and a leader had every right to interfere in the private lives of citizens.

9. If Singaporeans failed, it was never due to poor PAP leadership or failure but because there were no spurs stuck into the hide.

10. A wise person would have aged with grace but not LKY.  Even when past 80, he was still in a threatening mode and spouting rubbish which made thinking citizens burst into laughter.

PM Lee has screwed up big time after his death but LKY has not gotten up. 😦

Being a dishonorable has torn his family apart and we have become an international joke after PM Lee’s self-clearing act in Parliament made it to international news.  Where’s LKY?

At the rate China is being insulted by PM Lee, our bilateral relationship is clearly headed into the abyss. What about betting wrongly on Trump being the losing presidential candidate?

Hmm … still no sound, no shadow so does it mean that LKY was only talking cock?

The official PAP-rewritten history of Singapore – and LKY – is all hogwash which has fooled Singaporeans till today.  Was such a megalomaniac fit to be called a leader?

Many Singaporeans harbor similar thoughts but are still so overwhelmed by fear that even after fear died in March 2015, they dare not vocalize their thoughts.

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