Lee Kuan Yew’s meaningless statements before amassing power, doesn’t deserve people’s respect

Although schools have brainwashed Singaporeans by rewriting our history, there is sufficient evidence to confirm that Lee Kuan Yew did only what was necessary to gain power for himself.  He was not interested in serving the people.  Very often, he went against all that he had said before amassing power. 😦

1. In 1955, freedom meant … unconditional freedom:

31 years later, freedom meant PAP could anyhow lock anyone up:

2. In 1969, everyone had the right to procreate regardless of social status.

15 years later, a ‘moron’ had less right than a ‘genius’:

3. In 1960, LKY said he was certain about serving the people effectively.

27 years later, serving the people meant interfering in our lives on very personal matters.

Once in total control of the legislative process, LKY revealed his true colours: he had meant the opposite of what he had said years earlier. In other words, LKY was flipping prata like nobody’s business. 😦

Decades later, when LKY started to suffer from flipping fatigue, PM Lee did his papa a favour.

4. On 9 Aug 1965, LKY told Singaporeans that Singapore wasn’t a Malay, Chinese or Indian nation and everyone was equal.

In 2017, PM Lee told Singaporeans that only Malays could become the next president.

5. In 1979, having 120,000 foreigners in the workforce in 1984 was worrying to LKY.

30 years later when his son took over, PM Lee had no issue with increasing the total number of foreigners – excluding PRs – by almost 1 million.

There are just too many instances of father and son flipping prata. Such leaders deserve no respect from the people.

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3 Responses to Lee Kuan Yew’s meaningless statements before amassing power, doesn’t deserve people’s respect

  1. DavidLKSee says:

    The PAP self-proclaimed “First-World” Government is actually a Big Bunch of clueless/hopeless/useless as well as goondu/bodoh/kayu Obscenely-Overpaid Muddle-headed Million-dollar Ministers and Grossly-Overpaid Bird-Brained Bureaucrats !!!

  2. Anonymous incognito says:

    And no one has ever investigated what impact the Japanese occupation had on his political thinking as well as the totalitarian ideologies of both left and right. Ken pointed out that the pap logo is a variation of the British fascists.
    Lastly did he also have any contacts with Margaret Sanger?

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