Population policy: Former PM Goh and PM Lee reckless

In 2015, PM Lee said Singapore “has maxed out the easy ways of driving economic growth and …”. Today

One of the “easy ways” PM Lee was referring must have been ramping up the foreigner population.

From 1990 to 2004, former PM Goh increased the population by 1.129 million or 37%. To date, the seat warmer’s successor somehow managed to defeat him with an increase of 1.44 million or 35%. PM Lee is into the 13th year of his premiership and has another 2 years to break his own record in population increase.

Chart showing net annual population change under Goh Chok Tong.
Chart showing net annual population change under PM Lee.
From these 2 charts, we can confirm that PAP has implemented a suka suka increase/decrease population policy.

Both leaders are uniquely reckless and have raised these questions:

How do civil servants plan for infrastructures when population numbers are uncertain?
Is it proper planning to increase the population by 5.4% in a year? (PM Lee)
Or an increase of 17% in 4 years, similar to ours from 2005 to 2008? (PM Lee)
What about decreasing the population by 1.5% in a year after an increase of 2.8% only 2 years earlier? (Lau Goh)

Weren’t most of our issues caused by improper/no planning by PAP?

Is it not obvious Lau Goh and PM Lee were totally reckless?

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