HDB lessees should continue to debate non ownership status of HDB flats, don’t be fleeced by government anymore

It appears there has been more public discourse on the issue of non ownership of HDB flats.

According to an All Singapore Stuff article submitted by a reader (see image below), even HDB (Sengkang branch) own self confirmed HDB flat buyers are lessees, not owners.

Readers’ comments on ASS and other social media sites have confirmed there is confusion among HDB lessees due to decades of propaganda. The issue is on the status of non ownership of HDB flats, not HDB 99-year lease vs private property 99-year lease. This needs clarification.

Many HDB lessees have expectedly continued to delude themselves and offered silly arguments, ignoring the elephant in the room. For example, they have insisted that so long as the lease could be transacted for a profit and a roof over our head, we should just allow HDB full control.  In other words, we should act silly and continue to be fleeced by PAP. 😦

This is akin to buying a car – and even after making full payment – but allowing the seller full control, ie dictate the terms of use.

Where buying a car is concerned, there is no issue with paying car tax because there are no terms of usage imposed by the seller, ie buyer double confirmed owns the car.

Where HDB flats are concerned, the many onerous terms and conditions imposed by HDB confirm we are only lessees. Should lessees pay taxes on a property which they don’t own? Is this not silly?

HDB flat buyers should try to get a loan from any bank after their flats have been fully paid. If the HDB flats really belong to them, why doesn’t any bank lend them one single cent?

So, we have come to this ridiculous “ownership” situation:

If HDB wants to define flat buyers as owners, then give us real ownership rights. Don’t just play with words and take us for fools by using the law to make us pay property tax, help fund the maintenance of public areas or government assets such as lifts, water tanks, etc, While HDB is the real and only owner.

Singaporeans should continue to engage in public discourse on this issue, especially lessees of bigger HDB units who have paid more than $200,000 in land cost for a flat which they never owned but kena owned.


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2 Responses to HDB lessees should continue to debate non ownership status of HDB flats, don’t be fleeced by government anymore

  1. Anonymous incognito says:

    To me the issue that’ll blow up Singapore is the cost of land. If ever that info became public Singaporeans would pour out of the offices and kopitiams to take what was illicitly taken

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