Which $50 million private-sector company will employ Makcik President as chairman or CEO?

Thanks to the PAP, Singapore just can’t stop putting smiles on foreigners’ faces by becoming the butt of jokes.

From our own self absolve own self PM to own self praise own self Minister Khaw, PAP is now insisting on fielding a committee-certified Malay presidential candidate, PAP MP Halimah Yacob.
One of the conditions to qualify is that he/she has to be a chairman or CEO of a company with a paid-up capital of at least $500 million, up 5 times from $100 million. This effectively disqualified …. 99.99% of about 700000 Malays in Singapore. (1% = 7000, 0.1% = 700, 0.01% = 70)

So much for democracy and our pledge as “one united people, regardless of race … to build a democratic society..”. 😦

Has Halimah been a chairman/CEO of a private-sector company with $1/2 billion paid up capital? The answer is ‘no’.

In fact, like almost every tax-dollar dependent PAP ministers, Halimah hasn’t worked a single day in the private sector. Upon graduation, Halimah joined PAP’s NTUC and has vast experience in … only government-linked companies. She was also appointed by PAP as director to various stat boards.

But this is of course not an issue as any PAP member who holds a senior management position in billion-dollar companies like NTUC will be certified as a qualified presidential candidate.

Judging from her recent media interview, Halimah is hardly an inspiring character. Seriously, would any private sector company with $50 million in shareholders’ equity even seek her out as chairman or CEO?

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One Response to Which $50 million private-sector company will employ Makcik President as chairman or CEO?

  1. Confused says:

    In fact all these candidates who have never been in the running of their own private/public company with their own equity/own money out of their pocket, should be disqualified from running. These candidates can’t even compare to a CEO of a true private company with just 1 million paid up.

    The real test for a true entrepreneur or leader is how he raise the money and sustain it and not rely solely on tax money year in year out to own self praise own self, own self check own self or whatever you call it.

    It is because ultimately no one has been held accountable for losses while continue to draw fat cheque year in year out. In the private, any CEO who does not deliver would have been booted out in no time.

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