Committee certified Halimah should not worry about her million-dollar pay

Interview after interview, potential presidential candidate PAP MP Halimah simply can’t make up her mind and has been considering and considering for months. Or so it seems.

Should Halimah confirm she will be running for president, she will have to quit PAP and her $1 million income will be reduced to zero, ie $550000 as House Speaker, $192500 as MP plus various directorships in government-linked companies. This works out to about 3000 tax dollars daily.

Halimah’s consideration appears to be about financial loss.

But Halimah shouldn’t worry about losing $3000 a day because the ‘risk’ is worth it. In fact, there is no risk with PAP throwing its weight behind her candidacy. And not forgetting that as president, her income will increase by 50% to $1.54 million. πŸ™‚

PE 2017 is only a month away and Halimah should not continue to display her indecisiveness. As holder of the second key to jaga our reserves, Singapore can ill afford to have a hesitant president.

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