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Buyers of HDB flats continue to deny their “lessee” status

The disclosure of HDB “lessees” – mistakenly thought to be “owners” – has angered HDB flat buyers. Many could not believe they have been scammed and have even argued against factual evidence. I will attempt to explain the issue again … Continue reading

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Beware: CPF Ponzi scheme may blow up soon

The explosive growth of CPF balances is a clear warning sign that something is terribly amiss with our CPF scheme. Fact: GIC’s spectacular ‘growth’ is unrelated to its investment activities but mainly due to additional annual contributions from CPF members. … Continue reading

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Did CPF members pay manager of CPF funds, GIC, hundreds of million$/billion$ in management fees?

Fund managers disclose their expense ratio or management fees to stakeholders. However, CPF fund manager GIC has been concealing this for decades. Based on PAP’s help-yourself-to-maximum-tax/CPF-dollars policy for PAP elites, managing at least $338 billion in CPF funds must be … Continue reading

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With 83% of LTA’s projects awarded to the lowest bids, will roads, viaducts or MRT structures collapse in future?

​In time to come, Minister Lim Double Ass will likely be proven wrong: cheaperer is not betterer. The collapse of an uncompleted viaduct in Changi last week has shocked Singaporeans. This should not have happened in Singapore but it did and … Continue reading

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Singaporeans will pay a very high price for supporting Lee Kuan Yew’s dictatorship, mess created by PAP

In order to extricate ourselves from the mess created by LKY and PAP, we have to understand our history; how Singapore got itself into all this mess. It’s only after we’ve understood the need for a system change that meaningful … Continue reading

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Is our CPF really invested in SSGS or somewhere else?

The common understanding is that our CPF is invested in SSGS which provides guaranteed low returns. CPF funds are managed by GIC which invests in overseas assets. But according to the MAS, CPF members’ returns include ‘interest earnings from investments held … Continue reading

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Why does CPF fund manager GIC need to conceal its cash position?

CPF fund manager GIC is no ordinary fund manager. It is perhaps the only one in the universe which has been able to conceal material information with help from the government. Information which GIC does not wish to disclose could … Continue reading

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HDB must stop lying about HDB ‘lessees/tenants’ being ‘owners’

I refer to ST Forum letter “Are HDB residents tenants or owners?” and HDB’s reply, “HDB buyers are home owners, not tenants” by Ms Lim Lea Lea. HDB legal documents and its website have always stated ‘owners’ as ‘lessees’ and … Continue reading

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I have lost trust in CPF fund manager GIC because it manipulated data to mislead

There are many reasons why GIC is ill-suited to manage our retirement savings. In this post, I will just highlight an instance of GIC’s sneakiness in its attempt to mislead CPF members on its returns. In the past, when GIC … Continue reading

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WP’s superb performance in Parliament alone won’t bring about any meaningful change

Congratulations to Low Thia Khiang and company for being nominated by Singaporeans for an Oscar for best drama. Watch trailer at theindependent to catch Low immortalising “sue until your pants drop” and Chen’s “Lee Kuan Yew is not my father”. … Continue reading

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