PAP continues to screw up as it tries to fix the CPF Ponzi scheme

PAP government has been screwing up big time because it is a fixer of things.

By devoting an inordinate amount of time to fixing opposition members and dissenting voices, all our infrastructures have started to crumble. (MRT system is really in …. deep shit.)

But the ‘fixing’ is not limited to the above: PAP has also been spending too much time fixing the CPF Ponzi scheme. If this is not fixed, government finance will be in trouble and with it, our certain collapse.

This quick fix relies on growing the foreigner population which will cause other societal issues and exert even more pressure on limited land and insufficient infrastructures. Fixing the CPF Ponzi scheme will only delay the inevitable, not resolve any issue.

How PAP has been fixing the CPF Ponzi scheme is best illustrated in the chart below.
Chart A

For 17 years since 1989, average net increase (contributions less withdrawals) was about $3 billion annually. By 2011, CPF net increase almost hit $15 billion, more than 4 times the 17-year average.

Since 2010, the average net increase is almost $14 billion. Last year, this again spiked up to more than $17 billion. It is strange that well-educated Singaporeans have not recognized all the Ponzi signs.

Factors which contributed to this huge CPF net increase are:
1 – Postponement of CPF withdrawal age.
2 – Increase in the Minimum Sum by 100% from $80,000 to $166,000 from 2003 to 2015. As is obvious, the ‘increment rate’ (see table below) has little to do with the inflation rate.

3 – Increase of 310,000 PRs and new citizens between 2004 and 2009 after Lau Goh pass the Swiss PM baton to Lee Hsien Loong.
Chart B

Even an idiotic government would have known that new infrastructures need to be constructed to cater to an increasing population. But PAP somehow overlooked this because it had its sights trained on fixing dissenting voices, engaging in propaganda to hoodwink gullible citizens and of course fixing the all-important CPF Ponzi scheme.

But however hard it tries, there is no way PAP’s broken system can be fixed.Β  Ponzi schemes cannot be fixed and all eventually collapse.

Singaporeans are merely waiting for the CPF Ponzi scheme to unravel. 😦


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