Million-dollar ministers/elites needed to produce peanuts returns for CPF members?

Singapore’s CPF system will NEVER provide adequate retirement funding for CPF members.

The results produced by our brightest PAP elites speak volumes of their incompetence: our CPF returns have stagnated for more than 2 decades.

PAP elites are a total disgrace, especially when compared with their counterparts – who earn a fraction of their salaries – managing Malaysia’s EPF.

Since 1971, EPF has consistently paid its members higher returns than our CPF. In prior years, CPF returns never once exceeded EPF’s. Historical EPF rates.

The huge differential in returns will make a huge difference at retirement. The average difference is a whopping 2.5% and 3% over a 40- and 30-year period (table below).

One shouldn’t underestimate the magic of compound interest. The differential between an annual CPF contribution of $2000 and $3000 is shown in the table below.

If CPF Board had been able to pay returns similar to EPF, CPF members would have been able to retire comfortably. CPF rules would then not have to be constantly tweaked for PAP to throw us an additional 1% crumbs on a limited amount of CPF balances. 😦

The above example is based on a very low income, without annual income increment and the member does not use his CPF for housing.

Presently, average annual CPF contributions could have easily amounted to $10,000, not $2000 or $3000. After slogging 30 to 40 years, CPF members will be laughing all the way to the bank; if only CPF could have performed on par with EPF. 😦

When will GIC ever produce returns on par with their Malaysian counterparts?

If not, why the hell are ministers/elites paid obscene salaries to produce peanuts returns for CPF members?

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