Singaporeans will pay a very high price for supporting Lee Kuan Yew’s dictatorship, mess created by PAP

In order to extricate ourselves from the mess created by LKY and PAP, we have to understand our history; how Singapore got itself into all this mess. It’s only after we’ve understood the need for a system change that meaningful changes can be introduced.

By scrutinizing words and actions of our leaders, we will begin to realise that Singapore has always been an experiment for PAP elites to enrich themselves.

This grand plan to control and screw peasants was actually hatched more than 50 years ago by none other than Lee Kuan Yew. Even his comrades were made use of: in the 1980s, every ‘old guard’ was forced out of cabinet except LKY who continued to earn tax dollars till the day he died.

Years before Singapore became independent, there were already signs that LKY had in mind a system which only he could dictate to the populace.

South-East Asia: A Political Profile, Damien Kingsbury (2001, p. 337) quoted LKY in a radio interview in 1960:

Clearly, he was not interested to have any system remotely resembling democracy. 😦

What was LKY asking? He wanted a blank cheque to be a dictator. And he was obviously intelligent enough to ensure his dictatorship lasted much longer than others by wrapping it up “with a veneer of Parliamentary democracy“.

To confirm LKY had ambitions to be a dictator, here’s another quote: “… if we had not intervened on very personal matters – who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right.”

‘We’ of course refers to LKY.

LKY had realized that the best way to control the populace was by controlling land and citizens’ ‘pockets’ which he quickly set about, bringing Singapore centuries back to the feudal system. 😦

The Land Acquisition Ordinance of 1920 was repealed one year after independence by the Land Acquisition Act in 1966 to give the government the power of compulsory land acquisition for public development. LKY’s government was able to acquire land at a record pace after fixing the amount of land compensation at peanuts rates, ostensibly to curb speculation. Many landowners were effectively scammed because privatized GLCs subsequently owned properties which were constructed on government-acquired land.

Within a short span of 18 years of extended Great Singapore Sale by landowners, the PAP owned 76.2 percent of land in Singapore by 1985. HistorySG

Ordinary citizens who needed housing would have been forced to apply to LKY’s government for a roof over our heads. Hundreds of thousands of citizens, eg divorcees, singles, etc, failed due to arbitrary and onerous legislations passed by the rubber-stamping Parliament. Control of the people had taken root.

Since people were poorer in the 60s and 70’s and could not afford to purchase a lease from HDB, land acquired by LKY’s government would have no value. But he already had a ‘solution’ to create the Singapore miracle.

One year after the Land Acquisition Act came into effect in 1967, LKY’s government implemented another scheme to allow retirement savings to fund public housing (consumption) in 1968. By 1968, PAP had full control of Parliament and could pass any legislation at whim.

To ensure our public housing ‘success’, equal employer/employee CPF contribution rates skyrocketed from 5% to 25% in 1985 in 17 years. This was clearly a huge cost increase to businesses but to LKY, it must have been ‘never mind what businesses think”.

What about increasing CPF contributions, as a percentage of wage ceiling, 10 times from $500 to $5000 in 17 years? And 20% in the subsequent year to $6000? Long-term planning?

The $6000 wage ceiling for CPF contribution was extremely high by any measure: it has remained unchanged for more than 3 decades while the cost of public housing has increased by at least 600%.

Why did LKY’s government increase CPF contributions, as a percentage of wage ceiling, to $6000 when more 90% of employees didn’t even earn this amount? Even in 1990, the median wage was only $1094.

LKY had known that CPF was a cheap source of finance to construct our public housing miracle; this was confirmed by The Straits Times more than 3 decades ago,


PAP has inherited LKY’s legacy, ie dictating to the people our needs/abuse of power etc.

Fortunately, dictatorships don’t last but we will ultimately pay a very high price for helping LKY and PAP cover up their abuse for more than 5 decades. 😦

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2 Responses to Singaporeans will pay a very high price for supporting Lee Kuan Yew’s dictatorship, mess created by PAP

  1. sg quitter says:

    dont really care if singapore sink or swim. i have emigrated to Australia already.

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