AGC double standard, eat finish nothing better to do

Organs of state have been used against citizens and AGC’s response to Li Shengwu’s FB post confirm this.

Regardless of any subsequent action taken, AGC’s “looking into a recent Facebook post” will continue to strike fear into the hearts of Singaporeans. Using organs of state to intimidate citizens has been a common practice of PAP for decades. 😦

Shengwu’s FB comments which AGC takes issue with:
the Singapore government is very litigious …” (This is a fact.)
“… and has a pliant court system.” (This is the belief of many Singaporeans though few would dare to vocalize due to fear of being sued till our pants drop.)

If I were to conduct a survey among friends, almost everyone will agree that the PAP government is very litigious and that we do have a pliant court system.

This perception cannot be avoided unless PAP assures citizens that the practice of dropping pants of non-brothers ceases. πŸ™‚

If the judiciary is well respected and reputable, negative comments by citizens should not even make a dent in its image. For example, if blogger likedatosocanmeh says our court system is pliant, would anyone believe me?

Will Singapore judges be so distraught that their judgements will be affected simply because of negative comments by citizens?

While the AGC has responded with lightning speed to Shengwu’s FB post, it has chosen not to respond to the SDP on serious allegations of power abuse which have damaged our country’s reputation.

On 7 July, SDP wrote to the AGC but has not received any response 10 days later.
As AG, Lucien Wong should take note that the AGC has a duty to respond as a non response will create a negative impression of the AGC.
Lucien Wong should also not forget that he is no longer in private practice but is a servant of taxpayers.

Unless the AGC respond to SDP, it will be perceived as having double standard by Singaporeans. In my humble opinion, AGC’s response to a FB post is akin to “eat finish nothing better to do”. πŸ™‚

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