LTA: MRT commuters to be guinea pigs for up to 6 months, more guinea pigs needed in December

Our MRT system is .. habis: Some 40 years ago, it was designed for a population targeted to hit 4 million in 2031 earliest.

LTA’s announcement that the “North-South Line new signaling system will take up to 6 months to stablise” should come as no surprise to commuters.

LTA has also warned commuters to be prepared for more major disruptions. LTA: “… the train operator said it cannot rule out initial faults during the software update.”

Our supposedly first world public transportation system is really unique. And how not to be with so many ex paper generals in the transport ministry and SMRT?
During this trial period, the government has forced commuters to be fare-paying guinea pigs. As for highly-paid elites, they get to keep their multi-million salaries for screwing up big time.

LTA has further warned commuters to expect more major disruptions as it will begin tests on the East-West Line. 😦

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