Is fumbling Madam President suitable to take over KFC President?

In this CNA interview, PAP MP Halimah has to repeatedly own self assure own self of the responsibilities of an elected president.

Typical of PAP members, she seizes the opportunity to repeatedly engage in self praise, eg having taken care of her constituency, the importance of her roles as Speaker and MP, etc.

Halimah fumbles throughout the 1-minute plus interview and uses ‘er’ 5 times and ‘la’ once.Β  Halimah is clearly also a ‘thinker’.Β  πŸ™‚

Can’t imagine what will happen if she becomes president and interviewed by foreign media when questions are not scripted.

Another highly-paid PAP joker. πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to Is fumbling Madam President suitable to take over KFC President?

  1. Chua Gary says:

    LHL cannot afford to have a smart aleck President and that’s why he chose her. Smart independent president have to do his job, i.e. counter check and balance all our national reserves in GIC, TH and Consolidated funds. LHL & spouse won’t allow it. Sinkies voters should boycott this fake PE to show ‘middle’ finger to LHL and his cronies & party.

  2. Sim LH says:

    To show our disapproval and displeasure we should all stand up and boycott this election. If more than 50% of voters boycott this election, the message would be cystal clear.

  3. Tham Swee Weng says:

    Boycott or spoil the vote by X-ing more than one candidate.
    Don’t spoil the vote by leaving all blanks – which is liked a signed Blank Cheque.

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