SPH propaganda standard no standard, self insulting

The PAP has always thought that cheaperer = betterer. By cutting costs, this will allow elites to continue leeching on taxpayers.

One easy peasy way to do is to cut labour cost by employing foreigners. Coupled with no oversight by local managers, this has resulted in Singapore being slowly turned upside down. 😦

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Besides turning Singapore upside down, typos are now as common as MRT major disruptions. This also confirms a bochap attitude among grassroots leaders and management of government organisations, eg CCs. Perhaps the PAP is trying to inject some much needed humour?

With more foreigners working in government-linked companies, such as propaganda mouthpieces like AsiaOne, typos are increasingly common too. Would a Singaporean SPH editor have made this mistake?

SPH editors are still living in the past, believing that propaganda works as well in the internet age.

One hilarious example:

AsiaOne published an article by The Star which was all about improving Malaysian university rankings. In the 366-word article, Nanyang Technological University appeared only once in the last 25-word sentence: “Nanyang Technological Universi­ty, Singapore tops the list this year followed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Ko­­rea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.”

In an attempt to please political master PAP, the kay kiang editor tried to spin the story into one of NTU topping world rankings when …

The Star article was all about Malaysian universities!

​A reputable institution does not need any propaganda to prop up its image. If SPH still wants to continue brainwashing Singaporeans, it should do a better job. And don’t forget information is no longer totally controlled by PAP. 🙂

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