Disgusting PAP Migrant Workers’ Centre praises PAP grassroots-linked company after their employees were killed and injured

I refer to CNA propaganda piece, “PIE work site accident: Investigation will focus on design, construction process, says MOM”.accident2The Independent has confirmed the construction company, OKP, is linked to PA grassroots, ie PAP supporters.
​Although OKP had been previously blacklisted, it is not known if being a PAP supporter has its privileges. 😦

Despite the accident having claimed one fatality and 10 others hospitalized, CNA did not disappoint its political master by slipping in some propaganda in the article.

MWC: “We are heartened by the employers’ readiness to rally behind their workers in this difficult time…” Isn’t this the responsibility of employers? Why state the obvious?

MWC had to put in some good words for PAP grassroots-linked companies because it is also PAP-affiliated: Chairman of MWC is former PAP MP Yeo Guat Kwang.

MWC is modelled after NGOs like HOME, ie the government decided to address foreign workers’ issues after years of neglect.

Pretty disgusted with people like Yeo Guat Kwang and his organization praising PAP grassroots-linked employers after their employees were killed and injured. 😦

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2 Responses to Disgusting PAP Migrant Workers’ Centre praises PAP grassroots-linked company after their employees were killed and injured

  1. Confused says:

    As reported, the collapse was due to the failure of the corbels (Cross-head) preliminary.

    1. As a matter of fact and according to structural inspection procedure, concrete cubes are to be taken during the cast of the corbels and are to be tested at the laboratory at 7th & 28th day to obtain the representation of the concrete strength on site. The RTO or engineer would only allow temporary support of the corbel to be removed when certain test cube results are achieved. It is therefore unlikely that the corbels have not gained sufficient strength to support the launched precast beams on its own unless it is due to the lapses of the supervision or inferior concrete supplied.

    2. However, the most worrying fact would be if it is as a result of a defective design of the corbel or poor workmanship which did not follow the design. This again falls on supervision involved if it is due to poor workmanship.

    3. If the cause of collapse established is leaning towards Point 2 above, this could mean that there is a possibility that more of the other corbels (Cross-head) at other pillar locations could also be questionable in terms of suitability? Checks should be conducted on all cross-heads.

  2. Sinkie says:

    OKP seems to be doing well despite all the deaths … owners & shareholders getting big $$$$$$ over last few years.


    The previous incident where also 1 worker died, and another 3 suffered fractured limbs happened in 2015. But finally only punished with a fine of $250K in July 2017, after almost 2 years after the incident.

    As quoted by CNA:-
    “This is a clear case of a company that does not take workplace safety seriously,” said Mr Chan Yew Kwong, director of the Manpower Ministry’s occupational safety and health inspectorate in a statement.

    But obviously fuck care attitude about peope’s lives is no barrier to getting plenty of govt jobs to build more bridges & roads.

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