PAP implosion after LKY’s demise unstoppable

Build on a house of cards, the collapse of Singapore’s pseudo democracy has always been a question of when.

A PAP implosion appears to be under way and this has been confirmed by shocking allegations of power abuse by PM Lee’s siblings.

For further confirmation, top PAP officials are also crossing swords in the mainstream and social media.

The ‘ceasefire’ offered by PM Lee’s siblings is only temporary and more likely the calm before the storm.

PM Lee has replied insincerely to the ceasefire offer by repeating allegations of power abuse have already been refuted in Parliament. This would have angered his siblings even more.

According to PM Lee’s siblings there is more evidence of power abuse allegation and they have only agreed not to post on social media for the time being.

The fact is, PAP’s DNA does not permit reconciliation with any party – including family members – after 5 decades of having its way or no way. Certainly not after all the “lies, deception, hypocrisy, apple-polishing and political charades“.

Former PAP MPs Irene Ng and Inderjit Singh have suggested that in order for Singapore to move on and tackle real challenges, all Lee siblings must bury the hatchet and agree to a compromise. But how is this even possible after the little emperor has been humiliated on a global scale?

The problem is PM Lee has squandered all inherited political capital and has been in deficit for some time. It is precisely because he needed 38 Oxley Road so badly that a secret ministerial committee had been convened to prevent demolition.

Singaporeans should bear in mind that in his 13 years as PM, Lee Hsien Loong has been taking Singapore all the way downhill.

Infrastructures continue to break down increasingly, HDB lifts injuring/killing residents, more good jobs lost to foreigners while citizens are expected to become only cleaners, security guards and cardboard collectors, new laws enacted to target dissenting voices/shut down online media, tweaking the Constitution to allow a racist PE 2017, etc.

The naked little emperor needed a place to hide and it had to be in …. 38 Oxley Road.

The famiLEE feud cannot be ended simply because Singaporeans desire for it to happen. The relationship between PM Lee and his siblings have more likely reached a point of no return.

While PM Lee has tried to impress upon Singaporeans that he is a caring kor kor, ie blood is thicker than water, the fact is there has been bad blood in the Lee family for years.

So bad that:
– PM Lee did not invite his siblings to CNY reunion dinners after their papa kicked the bucket.
– PM Lee communicated with them only through his personal lawyer who is now our AG.

When siblings haven’t spoken to each other for years and have escalated the issue to the extent of damaging Singapore’s reputation, rest assured this is no ordinary bad blood in the Lee family.

In order for there to be a reconciliation, the sun has to rise from the south.

Besides the famiLEE feud, top PAP government officials are also fighting publicly.

In an opinion piece (ST, 1 July) reminding Singaporeans of LKY’s size 20 shoes, Kishore Mahbubani had slapped other top PAP officials so hard that it triggered an immediate response from Bilahari Kausikan.

The former MFA perm sec rebutted Kishore on social media and said his view was flawed.

On 2 July, Minister Shanmugam – Bilahari’s former boss – somehow found time to weigh in on the issue and praised Bilahari for the “brilliant response“.

While Bilahari was also supported by ambassador-at-large Ong Keng Yong, Dr Yap Kwong Weng, regional advisor on Indochina at the LKYSPP, lent Kishore his voice.

More infighting will likely surface soon as strongman LKY – the person who held PAP together – has been dead for more than 2 years.

Singaporeans should note that LKY had undermined “the institutions of government and the independence of many institutions and concentrated power in his own hands”. LKY’s legacy was a brittle system.

Without LKY, infighting is likely to cause an unstoppable PAP implosion.

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2 Responses to PAP implosion after LKY’s demise unstoppable

  1. James says:

    Spot on Phillip. The Emperor and Wife are really shameless. But it’s really Singaporeans’ own fault. They will be exterminated soon enough. I’m sure the 70% will be cursed by their descendants in time to come.

  2. Bernard chua says:

    Singapore will continue to thrive with The Lord’s favour n grace 💪🏻

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