No abuse of power by PAP government, thank you PM Lee

Dear PM Lee

Thank you for convincing Singaporeans on 3 & 4 July in Parliament that PM Lee and the government did not abuse power.

​Since this came from the horse’s mouth .. sorry I mean PM Lee, it therefore must be true.

After such a lengthy robust debate – with the support of 93% of Parliament – anyone still believing that the government is corrupt must be living in denial.

Frankly, I have begun to admire the PAP for its ability to put things in the “right” perspective, ie there was no power abuse simply because “not a single member of parliament produced/alleged/substantiated any of the allegations.

From PM Lee’s siblings being the accusers, the burden of proof suddenly fell onto MPs who became the accusers. This is such a subtly smart move and really caught many by surprise.

Such a strategic move by a political party has not gone unnoticed and political parties in other countries, eg North Korea, have indicated their interest to emulate the PAP.

The PAP whipless Parliament sitting has suddenly inspired numerous Korean film directors who have written to MCI for approval to shoot Korean dramas outside Parliament House. Thanks to this special Parliament sitting, more investments and tourist arrivals will give a much needed boost to our economy.

After arguing till the cows didn’t come home, many PAP MPs were exhausted during 2 days of robust debates. None could prove PAP has abused its power. PM Lee:1, Siblings:0.


Since MP Goh Chok Tong, a former PM, has also vouched for PM’s integrity, Singaporeans now have no reason to doubt PM Lee anymore. MP Goh also made it abundantly clear that PM Lee should either be cleared of allegations or censured.

Since PM Lee wasn’t censured, allegations of power abuse must therefore be baseless, according to MP Goh’s logic.

PM Lee is also supported by the mainstream media, every civil servant, PAP grasslooters and ministers. As such, allegations of power abuse must also be false.After 4 July, I am beginning to doubt my previous doubts with regard to the abuse of power by the PAP government.

I used to believe that the government had abused its power when it converted CPF into reserves for GIC to invest, no questions asked. Through conversion, CPF members would have no say in how GIC manages our savings. Or paying members 2.5% in the OA while the government keeps 3.5% for itself. I now guess that it must be for members own good.

I also believed that defining HDB “lessees” as “owners” through legislation was an abuse of power. I am now able to understand the importance of HDB flat buyers acting responsibly – sharing the cost of maintenance of public property although it doesn’t belong to HDB lessees. If we are defined as “lessees”, there would also be no need to pay property taxes – which means a poorer government.

The PAP appears to have good intentions to define HDB buyers as owners while stripping us of our rights. I guess HDB is in the best position to lay down the 1001 rules and changing them at its whim. This is for our good and should therefore not be seen as an abuse of power.

I am now totally convinced that there has never been any abuse of power by the government, including PM Lee, your spouse and personal lawyer.

If there was any abuse of power, PAP’s intentions must have been good. As they were during your father’s and predecessor’s time.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


“grasslooters” should be “grassroots”

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One Response to No abuse of power by PAP government, thank you PM Lee

  1. DavidLKSee says:

    PAP = PATHETIC And PATHETIC (spot-on version)
    PAP = PISSED And PISSED (angry version)
    PAP = PHUI And PHUI (disgusted version. Cantonese for spitting not just once but twice in TOTAL DISGUST !!!)

    FINAL VERDICT of Singapore Voters at The PAP Super-Big 2-day Parliament Wayang Show on Oxleygate Shameless Scandal:
    “… PAP, GO EAT SHIT !!! …”

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