Former Swiss standard PM Lau Goh now a mind reader, Oxleygate = Attempt to bring PM Lee down

PAP ‘big guns’ had better go quietly into the sunset and stop being a disgrace to Singapore.

One of the worst big guns/”tua pow sian” according to one netizen, who has continued to ignore allegations of power abuse by the government is none other than MP Lau Goh, former PM.

Lau Goh, it appears, has not only twisted facts but Oxleygate into an issue of an attempt by LHY to bring PM Lee down. CNA
Where DPM Teo’s secret ministerial committee was set up to read LKY’s mind – as they must have thought he was senile – Lau Goh seems to have read LHY’s mind, ie he wants to bring PM Lee down with allegations of power abuse.

It would be fine if Lau Goh wants to turn himself into an international joke but he should not have done so at Singaporeans’ expense. 😦

CNA: “Former prime minister Goh Chok Tong says he reaffirms his “full confidence in the integrity of” his successor Lee Hsien Loong.”

But do thinking Singaporeans even bother what this former PM – whose “open leg” policy has produced a Swiss cost of living – is saying? Who besides PAP’s bootlicking grassroots and civil servants respect Lau Goh?

Lau Goh is the same person who failed to deliver on his promise of a “Swiss standard” of living. By giving Singaporeans a Swiss cost of living, we are undeniably the world record holder for having the highest per capita number of elderly Singaporeans doing menial jobs, eg cardboard collectors, toilet and food court cleaners, security guards, etc.
Lau Goh: “Unsubstantiated accusations have been dished out on Facebook and the media, ad nauseam. Singaporeans are getting sick and tired of all this.”

In reality, Singaporeans are more sick and tired of the PAP government abusing state machinery to defend itself. If allegations of power abuse could not be substantiated – PM Lee believes he has a strong case – PM Lee would have gone to court.

Is PAP so magnanimous as to allow Lee Hsien Yang to continue putting up more accusations on social media?

If Lee Hsien Yang is really aiming to bring PM Lee down – along with Singapore – why is PAP allowing Singapore’s reputation to be further damaged?

Hmm … Oxleygate = Attempt to bring PM Lee down? Guess Lau Goh didn’t know he was ridiculing himself. :)​

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2 Responses to Former Swiss standard PM Lau Goh now a mind reader, Oxleygate = Attempt to bring PM Lee down

  1. DavidLKSee says:

    (1) Popular Internet Nicknames for this “Dinosaur Age” PAP Political Bugger:
    > Ah Lau Goh
    > Goh COCK Tong (for talking so much COCK)
    > Mr Peanuts (husband of Mrs Peanuts, who said Disgraced NKF Charity Chief T T Durai’s S$600,000 Annual Salary was “mere peanuts”)
    > ESM = Extremely SENILE Minister

    (2) Spot-On Comment by a young Singapore Netizen:

    “… GO, Mr GOH !!! Time for you to QUIT Politics and join your QUITTER Daughter in London !!!…”

  2. Chua Gary says:

    This Kayu Goh has already out-lived his usefulness and why is he inside parliament?

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